Let's talk about today's readings 12/18/08

Jeramiah 23:5-8
Psalms 71
Matthew 1:18-24

Jeramiah tells us that one day the Israelites will again live on their own land. I have seen groups of people fundraising in order to
find Jews and fly them to Israel in order to fulfill this prophecy.
Their idea is that if we fly enough Jews to Israel, we will hasten
Christ’s coming. Does anyone have a comment on this idea?
I don’t think it’s very nice, since the bulk of Armegeddon will likely
take place there, and why endanger peoples lives whom God has settled safely elsewhere?

In the gospel, Joseph is told to name the baby Jesus since He
will save His people from their sins. Every so often I like to ponder the idea of “being saved from your sins”. I think it is a
desire that most people don’t have. Who wants to be saved from
anything they like? Yet when we follow Jesus, that’s exactly what happens. Because we want to follow Him, we end up being saved from a multitude of sins that we might not consider being
wrong had we not been following Jesus.

And that makes me think of a song that comes on the radio
sometimes: Savior please, keep saving me…

So … what struck you about today’s readings?:bible1:

It is sad that no person was able to talk with you about
Thursday’s readings. They must have been worn out from Wednesday’s readings. lol
I know I was. Tuesday and Wednesday took up
a ton of thought in me. So, Thursday, I was plum
I woke up tired after having had a dream, not like Joseph, though. I didn’t have a “Fear not” dream.
I had one of those dreams where you swear that you were awake and conscious, but you must have been asleep because there is no other plausible explanation. I remember looking at the clock when it all started. 4:37 am. The dream lasted only 10 seconds at the most, thank God. It bothered me
and now makes me wonder what the heck that was all about.
Joseph didn’t wonder about his dream. Good thing.

As for liking to do sin, I can think of sin that isn’t pleasurable. I have a terrific Irish temper. (I’m only a tiny fraction Irish, but it is all in my temper.) It makes me judgmental, kind of like that shoe throwing dude reporter. I forget that phrase, “He who has no sin cast the first …shoe.” It gets me into shame.

That was nice of you. Something strikes me every day about
the readings and it’s often not the same thing that strikes the
priest that day. I always wonder what strikes others that day.

I’m glad I wasn’t boring you to death.

Just for fun, I looked up 4:37 in the 4 gospels, since the time of
your dream seemed most important to you:

Matthew - didn’t have 4:37
Mark - It happened that a bad squall blew up. The waves were
breaking over the boat and it began to ship water badly.
Luke - His reknown kept spreading through the surrounding
John - Here we have the saying verified: One man sows, another


You know, I am never ever bored. I don’t even know what that feels like. I’d have been a good therapist 'cause I could listen for hours and hours to a tv off the air and still not get bored.

So instead of the daily readings, you looked up 4:37 am in all the gospels? Seems to me, you don’t get bored easily either.

So if you ignored the indicating of the next chapter in Matthew, you’d come to vs. 37 of chapter 4.
There are no hard and fast rules to the chapter divisions and the verse divisions. In fact, there are tons of places in the Bible where there were divisions made and those divisions totally distorted the whole meaning of the document’s passages.
For just people like us in the pews, we are mislead
by this a lot unless some more educated person
who has studied the actual manuscript…fragment by fragment points it out.

So you’d come to:
(NAB) Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven. Thus they persecuted the prophets who were before you.
(Matthew used the word prophets very loosely here.
He means followers of Jesus.)

Where can I find online the Scripture readings for Mass for this weekend?

I always use the USCCB, click here

Oh, and I just noticed, very warm welcome to the forums Pattyrose! :wave:

Thank you

That is exactly what I wanted. Thank you.
God’s Blessings to you

I did do the daily readings. But one day, before I could post about it, someone beat me to it, and I liked that. I wondered if
someone might do it again. It’s nicer to hear other people’s point of view, than to just listen to yourself talk.

So I take it none of those verses seemed related to your dream,
even when you calculated what would be Mt 4:37?

welcome Patty Rose. And LightSeeker, thanks for the link!:tiphat:

that site ewtn.com also has the readings.
It says “homily”, but I haven’t found a homily
there in that section, just a little quote thing.

No, the Gospel’s didn’t enlighten me on the
nightmare. That nightmare must have been
like the results of a flu bug-- an upchuck of
a totally overwhelmed immune system.

Yes, Welcome and Merry Christmas to all of you.

Thank you! hope you feel better…

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