Let's Verify

Let’s verify this document. Is this document legitimate? Is the author going by a pen name or not? What’s your opinion?


I’m sure I’m not alone in hesitating to click on a random link, about which you’ve told us absolutely nothing.

It is a link to a pdf document which lists descendants of St. Louis (Louis IX) King of France. The descendants up until recently are listed. These descendants have some connection to Louisiana.



There is neither a bibliography nor any information about the author. The document is now part of the public domain because someone decided to make a family public. The document is obviously not a source document and references no source document.
In order for an act of publishment such as this to be just and complete, it should be backed by other authoritative documents; anything to the contrary may require an indulgence on the publisher’s part.
I believe this document is worthy of concern and discussion. That said, are you able to offer any expertise?


I’m clueless.

Can you be a little less abstruse as to why you’re asking?

It’s a totally random request.

And there’s no immediately visible relationship to the topic of this forum . . .

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