Letter From a Young Catholic Man on Modesty

For all the mothers of girls of any age out there:

Three of my four sisters recently attended a talk billed as being on the subject of modesty and I was thinking what a great opportunity for lots of girls to hear about how important modesty is in the world today. Unfortunately, the talk ended up being more about fashion and much less about modesty and dressing responsibly to reflect one’s true image as a child of God.

I am writing as a 19-year-old guy to tell you from the point of view of a Catholic man why modesty is so important. Girls and women out there of all ages (mothers included) should be aware that they can be responsible for leading so many guys astray just by how they dress. I’m talking as a teenage guy and believe me when I say a man struggles more than you could ever imagine with impure thoughts at any age (just ask your father or your grandfather). These impure thoughts can lead men into sin very easily, and those sins are of no small matter… guslloyd.com/blog/?p=1429

Just read this and decided to share it here. What are your thoughts?

What do your sister’s and their many friends think of your letter? I think maybe you should read a little about the Victorian era and what went on despite those long skirts and bussles. If your Dad and Grandpa were bothered by what women wore in their generations, what dress code for women would you approve of? Do you not go to the movies or watch tv or go out in public for fear of seeing a girl? Your thoughts are normal. :shrug:

This is a great article. We wonder what ever happened to modesty when we see young girls at Mass in short shorts and low cut tank tops, indeed, even sometimes with their parents as they bring up the offertory gifts. The lack of parental guidance in all this astonishes me as a woman, and makes me wonder how these girls were brought up with so little regard for that which is good and decent.

On the other hand, I have always believed that modesty comes from deep within ourselves; not so much something that is taught, but rather just something that we inherently know. It somehow is born from a reservation of manner and behavior that comes from the heart – a demureness that calls us to a certain shyness rather than a flaunting of fashion or body. Being in good esteem of ourselves and grounded in basic spirituality, would, I think, help break the lure of the fashions of today, which as we know, are anything but modest.

And, gals, let’s not deceive ourselves into thinking that we don’t know when we may be leading another into temptation.

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