Letter to Chris Brown

By: Dennis Ross (RossCrisisManagement.com)

People never hear what you say, only what they think you said. People don’t know what you did, only what they heard you did. Details aside, something got out of hand causing injury to Rihanna, and your career. The good news is this, you can recover.

Not only can you recover, but you can flourish despite this unfortunate event. The recovery of your personal relationship is just that, personal. The recovery of your relationship with your fans and admirers is intensely public. You must handle the public portion, publicly. There are several things you must do, and do now.

Many times the first reaction to a public event is to immediately go private. This is a mistake. Don’t misunderstand me. It is counter-productive to talk unless you know what to say. You must speak, and speak often for a measured period of time. Most importantly, you must know what to communicate, and how to communicate it.

Simply put, words mean everything. Using the right words is critical.

At rosscrisismanagement.com, our team of strategic communicators and crisis professionals understand the mechanics of career recovery. Recovery includes accountability and an attempt at restoration for all parties.

When you tell your story, move away from trite, cliché-based explanations, and instead expose your heart.

Not sappy, tear-jerking emotionalism, but introspective simplicity that reveals you’ve given thought to your actions and their consequences. People want to forgive because they themselves need forgiveness. Show them your humanity and they will show you theirs.

This is easier said than done, but such an approach in today’s instant media will take you further than you can imagine. Having a hit record is one thing, being a hit human being is another thing entirely. Get rid of complex media strategies. Some situations can only be overcome with simplicity. When in crisis, embrace the amber of average over the stage shine of stardom.

Dennis Ross is CEO of RossCrisisManagement.com

Who is Chris Brown? Why is this on the prayer intention thread? Excuse my ignorance, if I am wrong but it seems like a commercial for ross crisis management, Inc.

Sorry, not on the prayer intentions forum but I still don’t understand who and why this is about Catholic Living?

It’s in Popular Media because Chris Brown is a rap musician who has been dating pop singer Rhianna. He recently hit her before a public event so it’s been in the news quite a bit this month. The OP appears to be sharing an open letter encouraging Chris Brown to seek help.

Oh. I guess that this man in incredibly busy if he writes open letters to all the celebrities in hollywood and the music industry who behave badly. Also is there reason to believe that Chris Brown will be on the forum and read the letter? Is he Catholic. I’m still a little confused. I will pray for him.

That’s a good thing to encourage him to do. Perhaps such help is available in jail.

– Mark L. Chance.

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