Letter to Pope Francis from Catholic Women




If only the Church still listened to women.

Why did men and women each write their own group letter, when they’re hardly opposed to each other on this issue? I’m baffled. Whatever makes them happy I guess.


Pope Francis will be baffled too. I think it will cause him to do this: :roll_eyes: EWTN Americans

almost every time I turn on EWTN I hear someone saying something like, “ Let me tell you why men are men and why women are women. God gave men and women distinct roles, as evidenced by the fact that we use separate bathrooms…”.


Now that I know that there are separate EWTN men’s and women’s letters, I don’t think I should read the woman’s letter. It’s for women only, right?

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It’s worth reading. Patrick Madrid has been talking about the woman’s letter for several days now.


I THINK the women wrote theirs first and wanted to imitate St. Catherine of Siena convincing the Pope to return to Rome from Avignon.



For any men interested, here is the men’s letter: https://catholicmenunited.org/

NOTE: I think the women’s letter written better.

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Pope gets 30249034299809898490284832 letters a day I imagine. Big whoop.

He’s like the realistic Santa Claus.

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Because the pope says that the Church needs to listen to women/feminine genius and all of that fluff, this is apparently their way of saying ‘OK, so listen to us now’. Essentially, ‘prove it’.


I’m going to send him a card of encouragement.


The letter doesn’t email me each time someone signs… But the number of signatures may eventually get his attention. Plus, there are some people on there, like Dr. Janet Smith who Pope Francis has appointed as a lay adviser.

Canon Law says that we the laity have the write to have our voices heard when there are issues in the Church, and this is a respectful way to do it.

God Bless

I’m sorry for the silly question as the information is probably available on the Vatican website but where can I find the mailing address for the Pope?
And how do I address him in the letter.
Thank you so much for the wonderful idea.

Pretty sure that “Pope Francis, Vatican” would get to him.

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oh! ok!
I thought it was about an 8 liner on the address side of the envelope.
Thank you

Pope Francis might have a hard time reading in English.

Does he have interpreters go through the letters with different languages?

I don’t know how it works.

Having dealt with both US and Italian postal service, don’t be so sure…

Anyway, here’s how to write to the Pope.

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