Letter to the press about life issues - examples wanted!


Dear friends
Being a tad lazy on Sundays and more importantly not wanting to duplicate effort I am writing to ask if anyone has a copy of any letter they sent to the media/Press before the US elections suggesting why people should vote for candidates who defend life?

I have searched the forums here and home but can’t come up with a tight two to three-para letter that would help convince wavering people (or the uninformed) why the effort to quiz candidates about their leanings, or why to vote for life-leaning candidates, is worth it and important.

We have our general election coming up on May 5 and I already know who I am going to vote for (has been good on euthanasia in the past) but want to motivate others through my local papaer and possibly the nationals.

Sorry to be a pain. But if you have anything you’ve used before, and happy for me to use (and maybe adapt if necessary) I would be so, so grateful if you would reply copying it in

thanks so much in advance


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