Letterman show

Behind Dave Letterman on his show there is buildings and a bridge and lots of night lights

Is it real ?

Have any of you New yorkers been to a show?

No, it is just a model.

Indeed, the show is filmed in the afternoon.

Artificial backdrops are routinely used in studios. It prevents the audiences being treated to, say, a huge view of winter rain, snow, etc.

The ones on Wheel of Fortune are particularly impressive as they seem to use jumbotrons rather than painted backgrounds. It really does look like a live view.


You might be interested to know that the David Letterman show is shown by one TV channel in Australia around midnight a few times a week. It seems to be about two or three days behind what is shown in the U. S. I watch it every now and then. Every now and then it’s quite interesting! Even from way down here we can see the scenery behind him never changes. And as for that top ten list he carries on with…

What do Americans think of him and his show, generally?

This sort of late show, is sort of an institution in America since Johnny Carson did the Tonight Show from 1962 to 1992. Leno took over for him and CBS, tried to compete with Letterman. I don’t know if people really like it, but they watch it out of habit or social convention, or because nothing else is on. Usually most people find the opening monologues relatively funny, and the rest of the show tends to feel like filler or a bunch of inside jokes. Comedy/variety shows like this used to be very big, at least here in the states, but have sort of fell out of favor with TV making big bucks and being able to produce big budget dramas, comedies or sitcoms. So these seem to be a hold over from that time (sort of like Walter Cronkite) for tame late evening entertainment to please the old people right before they go to bed. :smiley: (The shows on later are a little more risque and are trying to hook in younger people to the genre).

I’ve passed the theatre. It’s a back drop, I don’t think the theatre is high enough to get a good view.


Sort of like Marcus Grodi on the Journey Home on EWTN has an image of St.Peter’s in the background…but I believes he films in Alabama. :slight_smile:

I was watching the show one night. And as a joke billy crystal jump into that little set and pretended to swim across the river. Yeah it even has water in it. So unless Billy crystal is a giant i think it is fake. I tried to find the youtube clip of it but can’t.

The buildings look so real,and i asked because the lights in the buildings and bridge seem to flicker and i didnt know what to think

I think he can be quite funny sometimes. I enjoy watching his shows with celebrity’s that I am interested in. The show is a little inappropriate at times but usually nothing too bad. Can’t really take him seriously after him saying Jack and Jill was a great movie though :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue: haha

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