Letters to future husband?


Hi everybody :slight_smile:

I have often read about young women, even teenagers, who write letters to their future husbands and pray for them. I’m 19 and I really don’t know what my vocation is going to be. Should I start writing letters and/or pray for my “future husband”, even if I might never get married? Is this acceptable? On one side, I would like to have something to give him when/if we meet (letters are so meaningful!). I also heard stories from people who prayed for each other long before they met and it helped the marriage to be good. On the other side, if my vocation is the religious or the single life, I would have written all these letters and pray for someone that didn’t exist… :frowning:

I know it sounds silly, but I need advice :o




If God gives you a vocation, you will have written all of those letters to him!


ditto anthony v!

i should write letters to my future husband. I pray for him a lot but haven't found the words to write yet :)


[quote="Anthony_V, post:2, topic:264257"]
If God gives you a vocation, you will have written all of those letters to him!


Well, yes... and no. There's a big difference between writing letters to God as your spouse and writing letters to a normal man :)


You might try journaling as a way to start - basically just writing letters to yourself. While journaling, you might try writing different sample letters to your future husband, future mother superior, future employers, etc. Use this as an opportunity to explore different vocations or career paths, without thinking too hard about someone reading it in the future.


I say write them! I want to go to seminary, and before I made that decision I wrote like crazy. And if you're not sure, write a journal addressed to Jesus. Then once you decide your vocation, you can either keep writing to Jesus or your future husband.

And yes, it is a great way to strengthen your marriage by praying for your future spouse.


If you go into religious life, you're marrying Jesus. Write letters to your future spouse...it's pretty popular where I am, and we all recognize that unless we remain single we're still going to get married, whether to a human, Jesus, or the Church. Nothing wrong with writing letters to Jesus, right?


I would say:

Visit Our Lord in the tabernacle often.
If you can get to daily Mass even better.
In time HE will illuminate you.
Ask HIM what HE wants of you.
Nothing will give you greater joy in life than doing HIS Holy Will.
This "Me-generation" has not found joy because it is following the "Have-it-my-way" kind of life.
Because you are obviously seeking HIS Will, you will certainly find that joy that only HE can give.
May God Bless your efforts and illuminate you.

I don't know about letters. My only "letters" were prayers to God in the secret recesses of my heart. HE hears our every whispered thought. That was letters enough for me. But then from childhood I always felt Marriage and Mothering was my vocation. When I was tempted to follow a Holy Nun, it was more of a temptation to lure me away from my Real vocation.



[quote="Anthony_V, post:2, topic:264257"]
If God gives you a vocation, you will have written all of those letters to him!


I agree! I mean, writing to God is kind of the same thing. I think if you have a vocation, those letters would have all new meaning! If you would write to a future husband, you'd probably write about how you love him and how you've waited for him to come along all your life and a number of other things. Surely, you'd be able to tell God all these things! I agree with ThereWasADream- marriage is a vocation for many, even nuns! As a nun, your Spouse is Christ, so if you do become a nun, those letters are not in vain. And I suppose everyone has written a similar thing in there life. If you do become a nun, there's no sin whatsoever in writing letters to your future husband! I'm sure Our Lord would think them very sweet.I think it really depends what you write in those letters
God Bless!


Do it! It sounds really cool! Besids, I've heard stories of girls that resisted the temptation to give their virginity away by writing to their future husbands.


I've been writing letters to my future husband since I was 13. (I am now almost 18.) I really have no idea what God is calling me to yet, and I probably won't for a while yet. At times, I stopped writing because I was almost positive that God was calling me to be a Sister, but then I started up again because I realized that if I was called to the religious life the letters would be written to Jesus, and if he does have a man that I am to marry, I will have a very special gift for him that I have been working on for a good part of my life. :D


Write a letter to God. Outline how you feel today. I’m sure if you end up with a practicing Catholic he’ll appreciate a letter to God more than a letter to him before you knew him!


I think this is a great idea! I wish I had been aware of this concept when I was a teen. I think it's sweet and great. It seems like it would be a great motivator for staying a virgin and also not just settling for anyone.



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