Letters to the President: The Dreams of Our Daughters


this family has be made up, it seems so fake, but if they are real they appear wealthy enough to pay for their own medicines without dipping into my pockets. Notic.e how also that there is no father mentioned.

First off, the family is very much real, she’s the daughter of Rep. James Bilbray.
Secondly whether they’re wealthy or not is beside the point because the mother is not just thinking about herself and her own plight. She’s rightfully concerned about the access of all American women to birth control. In fact I think the point of the video is that she’s fine and other women may not be so lucky.

Thirdly, its a video about women, daughters and reproductive rights so no, odds are the father isn’t going to be mentioned. However, 1) her name is hyphenated so one would assume she’s married and 2) There’s a guy in the video at the head of the dinner table from 1:08-1:14 and the same guy is helping the little girl on with her coat and helping her cross the street to school at 1:36-1:41. I’m going to take a guess and say its the dad.

Reproductive rights is code for access to birth control and abortion. All American women who wish to use birth control should pay for it themselves, not ask taxpayers to subsidize it. This is a Catholic forum so you will find no sympathy for your viewpoints on abortion and birth control.

“Reproductive rights” always seems to mean the right to interfere with the correct healthy functioning of the reproductive system, at taxpayer expense, and to kill any offspring if such interference is not successful.

Exactly! I don’t understand how providing exogenous hormones to disrupt a normal hormonal milieu can possibly be thought of as desirable, let alone some kind of right! No one is going to be denied these pharmacological harms, anyway…

Videos like this make me crazy. I take offense at being treated like my fertility is an impediment to my success.:mad:

And what mother starts thinking about birth control for her daughter at age 7???

Right. Its bad enough when they bring them in as teens. Like they don’t even care to teach their daughters that they are precious and have dignity… instead they’re teaching them its OK to be used as an object.

probably the type that would be fine if they started having sex at 13 or 14 :mad:

It takes some very interesting mental gymnastics to turn the idea of a woman instructing her daughter that should she choose to have sex she can take certain simple precautions to prevent pregnancy and or disease to neglecting to teach her that’s she ‘precious and has dignity’.

Chastity works. Or she could be taught that children are a blessing, not some kind of scourge to be avoided. Teenagers should be taught to wait for marriage. Giving them contraceptives doesn’t teach them they are valued and should be. It teaches them its ok to get your jollies whenever you want with whomever you want.

It is disturbing that pregnancy is deemed to be a disease that needs medication to be prevented.

The Pill has far-reaching biological effects on the human body, (not to mention the environment). Taking it increases the risk of getting breast cancer, for instance, and considering the explosion of cases of breast cancer since the widespread taking of the Pill, it is a significant increase in risk.

How can a Class 1 Carcinogen be considered medication? How can any doctor with a conscience prescribe a Class 1 carcinogen to a healthy person, not to treat a disease, but to interfere with/prevent the normal healthy response to having sex?

How can a mother ask a doctor to give her daughter a Class 1 carcinogen?

Would she ask the doctor to prescribe cigarettes for her daughter and demand that the taxpayer pay for the smokes?

Maybe the lady in video should ask her husband about the effects of giving children birth control pills considering that he is a pediatrician. She on the other hand is a very active community organizer.



I think the Democrat party is going down the wrong track with this obsession with protecting abortion, which is a very divisive and emotional issue. When you have Jimmy Carter coming out and saying the Democrat party should have a pro life platform to bring back lost Democrats who have left the party over this issue you would think that would make them wake up. But the Democrats are funded by the abortion lobby.

Gotta make money somehow.

Why? People who have unmarried sex have no dignity or shame, and clearly don’t value themselves as they should. That applies to a lot of sins for all of us.

Why is it so hard for many of us to admit when we screw up, or act less than we should? I’ve been doing that for 37 years. MATURE ADULTS will readily admit that their behavior is poor and attempt to correct. CHILDREN will defend their behavior and continue that poor behavior in its continued defense.

History is rife with the perils of dealing with community organizers…

“Should you choose to rob a bank, daughter dear, here is a bullet-proof vest so you don’t get killed.”

What use could a young teenager have for birth control devices or medications unless there was an implied direction that having sex is a possibility?

The “Just in case” mentality doesn’t work with kids. They hear it as permission.

No birth control works 100%. If you have sex while trying to prevent the NATURAL OUTCOME of having sex, which is a baby, and the birth control fails, then obviously you don’t want that baby, and you will probably turn to abortion to “deal with your mistake.”

A baby is the NATURAL OUTCOME of having sex. God designed it to be so, to create a family from a married man and woman, and to create new souls. It is in no way a mistake when a baby is conceived. What is a mistake is giving our children permission to have sex before marriage.

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