Letting atheists know that we are still here & not going to go away or be ridiculed

I was looking at a few catholic vs atheist debates earlier on you tube & read through the hundreds of comments put up.
I have to say I was shocked by the sheer number of atheist posts & the sad lack of catholic posts in defence.
I’ve spent a good hour or so trying to equal the score but there’s just so much of it
I would like to ask that if possible, we could now & again or very often even, take a little time to defend our faith on these YouTube vids.
Our kids are watching this kind of thing & reading the comments & we owe it to them to show our side of the story.
I don’t mean getting sucked into the nasty tit for tats but just a worm loving & informed response.
(I’m still reeling by a few comments that called believers in God, haters :frowning: )

I have often thought that responding to comments on youtube and even comments that follow national news stories would be a wonderful calling for one who had the ability to do it.

Good for you! :thumbsup:

My friend, it is a total waste of time. If there is such a thing as an innocent atheist, they will find their way. Most of the others, in my opinion. are willfully ignorant, even maliciously so. The best thing you can do for your kids is to tell them to just ignore those sites and those people and be sure you have grounded your kids in the truth as well as you can. We would like to save them from danger and harm, but it is possible only in a limited way. Set them a good example and see that they are exposed to the truth. You can guide them to good sites like Fr. Barron’s daily comments on U-tube.


I understand your frustration, but the answer is this: ignore it. Don’t even look at those comments if they upset you. You see, the reason there are not hundreds of Christian posters on there to match the hundreds of atheists is not because we are afraid, of because we don’t have an answer, but because we have a life. We have everyday responsibilities, and many Catholics have large families. We give to charitable institutions, we have all kinds of church and social obligations. we are busy. We don’t have time to waste posting and trying to knock reason into the heads of hundreds of idiots on youtube.

Just let it go; they will receive their reward.

I completely agree.
I had a short phase where I engaged in long debates on Youtube.
It left me feeling depressed and angry and wasted a whole lot of time.
Since then I simply ignore the comments and go on to do more productive things.

I also agree you should ignore it. I suspect that many people who post such youtube comments are quite young and immature, given their tone and choice of words.

I read many Catholic blogs and there are atheist trolls too. Authors sometimes remove stupid comments, but sometimes leave them. I think that leaving them is a great educational tool for Catholic readers, so we can see what kinds of spite and venom these posters spew, to say nothing of ignorance and stupidity.

Don’t waste your precious time and energy.

Remember that there are also good atheists. :thumbsup: God bless!

I think your missing the bigger picture here. It sounds like your happy to let atheists grab all the action but arnt prepared to step up & say what’s needed to be said. Richard Dawkins would love you guys, I mean really! :frowning:

“Do not…throw your pearls before swine, lest they trample them underfoot, and turn and tear you to pieces.” - Matthew 7:6

People who are actively seeking to try at every turn to demean and destroy the Lord and His Church aren’t in the frame at all to listen to actual truth. They’re not there to debate. They’re not there to be reasonable. They’re there to try to tear apart anything pertaining to God, the Church, and our faith. I think that probably describes the vast majority of those rabid YouTube commentators.

Certainly not all atheists are like that, and plenty are far from it. Trolls will be trolls. If anything at all, post that you hope the Lord blesses them.

I think that reality is that people like R. Dawkins are losing support because they have shown their true colours: they are ignorant bigots. Reasoning with Dawkins is impossible. His logic is faulty. He has no arguments. He attacks a straw man and tears it down. He shows his ignorance and hatred every time he is interviewed. He has lost a lot of support among his fellow non-believers because he is ridiculous.

I think that letting such atheists speak does the work for us.

Also, one must not assume that not engaging with Youtube comments means that we do not speak up in real life. I do. I don’t miss an opportunity to correct misconceptions about the church and to point to faulty reasoning.

I agree whole heartedly with this. Pray for them. Mostly I steer clear of them because these type of people do not want an honest debate. They do not want to learn. They want to force their belief system on someone and make others submit. I think these people (not just atheists) are truly lost and truly are in desperate need of prayer.

I will offer information and opinion face to face but I do not go on the social media and try and change things. Prayer changes.

I would suggest that you would be better off honing your skills by finding solid philosophical and apologetic resources, spending your time reading and building succinct “killer” responses to the commonly presented dribble.

Second, I would test your own ability to resist the temptation to “jump into” posting before you are ready by reading and documenting the common train of thought that posters use, tear these down on paper, find the errors and build your unbeatable counter arguments.

Third, when you are completely ready to post in a disciplined and charitable manner with as few words as possible but in a manner which completely catches your antagonists off guard because of your calm, effective, disarming (s)wordsmanship, send me a PM I’d be pleased to observe your heroic efforts.

View your task as that of a disciplined Ninja or Kung Fu warrior deftly disarming the barbarians at the gate.

What is important is that you don’t lose your soul by being drawn into a melee where your opponents dictate the rules. You will be doing battle on their turf, after all. :knight2:

I don’t see a need. It’s like You Tube of Baptist ministers
blasting Catholics? Why argue? Better to let them
appear in all their rages and behaviors. I have always
preferred an enemy to be in plain sight where I could
recognize them, pray for them but not fight with them for
Heavens sakes.

You can get into discussions and debates in better fora than YouTube. YouTube commenting section isn’t designed for critical thought, it’s designed for off the cuff comments.

Shake the dust from your feet by clearing your browser’s cache.

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