Letting Children Listen to Secular Music

My parents have let my sister, for as long as I can remember, listen to vulgar, sexually degrading music. However, they seem to supposedly make things right by making her delete a song that has an “f” word in it. Ok, so you’ll let her listen to a song with vulgar sexual references, but not ones that have an “f” word? Why do they even let her listen to this music at all? This boggles me. And they claim to be devout Catholics.

Why do parents decide the things they decide? Well, because they are the parents and it is their right and duty to make rules, uphold the standards they put into place, and try to make life as fair and safe as possible. That often requires compromises along the way. Sone things are non negotiable, in this case the f word. Other things are negotiable, secular music in general. Often times if something is forbidden with no wiggle room it can become a forbidden fruit that is sought and desired more simply because it is forbidden. That is when rebellion occurs. It’s a tough job being a parent. All of our decisions are examined under a microscope it seems. As the child, you really have no right to question your parents authority until such time as you are grown and on your own. And still you will not be in a position to question the rules they put into place for your younger siblings. What you can do is pray that God gives them the wisdom they need in order to get you all to heaven, and you also have the right to decide to enforce a different set of rules for your own children someday.

I agree with every word 7armyrugrats said as well as…
Do you want to see your sister in Heaven someday?
I know she means a lot to you.
Think of her and put your beloved mom and dad aside for a minute.
Popular music was the bomb back in the 50’s-70’s and took a deep dive into evil after that. Retaining still much of that groove, the lyrics are terrible and promote sin. It’s a trap that Satan welcomes millions into Hell.
This is the thing. You get your heart right with Jesus and start praying to his Mother, Mary, to intercede for your sister. If you don’t know how, just get this little book called ‘My Ideal—Jesus Son of Mary’, $8.00. I assure you, she will stop that nonsense before something bad happens. Then you start your prayer for you mom and dad and keep on. You will come to realize it’s all in the hands of the Lord. His will be done. As much as you love them, Jesus and Mary are your true Brother and Mother and your ultimate family in Heaven for all eternity.

Seems when children are grown and have kids of THEIR own often they no longer question decisions their parents made, because now they must make the same decisions themselves.:thumbsup:

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