Letting Go and Letting God


Hello All,

Please pray for my husband and I. Like so many others in the country right now, my husband was laid off and is having a terrible time finding another position. We understand that this is happening all over, and that we’re not the only ones going through this, but this comes after a series of problems, hardships, frustrations, and disappointments.

I know that there is a plan behind it all, but I have become so depressed and easily frustrated from all of this. Even Job found meaning in his trials, but all I can do is cry and lash out at the unfairness of it all. :mad:

Yes, I do have many blessings that I should thank God for on a daily basis such as a beautiful daughter, a loving husband, wonderful parents who have taken us in in our time of need, a job that provides insurance and support, etc.

I guess what I’m saying under all of this is that I don’t know how to let go of the depression and frustration and trust that God has a wonderful plan set up for my husband and I. How have you handled the major disappointments and trials in your life without losing hope and faith that God is still there and wants the best for us? :frowning:


I read in a book once to think about driving through a terrible rainstorm. It is not the time for someone to explain to you how the clouds form and what causes thunder and lightning, etc. You just need to hang on to the wheel and get through it. God knows that it’s not the time to explain to you why this crisis is happening to you. He may just keep quiet and let you drive on. He is aware that you are scared and that it’s natural to be scared and isn’t disappointed in you. He is next to you but is letting you handle it.

Also I think you must reach a point where you let go of the What Was and realize this is WHAT IS.
God may be laying the groundwork for what good things are ahead and things and other people may need to be in place before that can happen. It may not just be about you and your circumstances. Someone may need to leave a job before your husband can be put there and those circumstances are not happening yet.

God also may be waiting for the last moment before you feel you can’t take it anymore to answer your prayers so that you know it is Him, not coincidence or anything you did to change your circumstances.He may be testing just how much faith you have. I don’t like to think that way, like God is testing me, but I have also read that explanation.
I hope some of these ideas give you a new viewpoint and help you keep going!


The title of your thread really caught my attention. As a member of AA, that is one of the most important exercises we practice. So I will tell you what I do & what others in AA do. First of all, this too shall pass, remember that. Keep practicing gratitude…write a gratitude list, you will be amazed how quickly it grows & the more you write the more grateful you become. Surrender as best you can to God’s will and do the leg work you need to do…God will do for you, what you can’t do for yourself.

Your are very fortunate to have a place to live and one of you has a job…but also you have your health. It’s hard & it’s scary…but keep praying & Trusting in God. If you can get some type of assistance then go get it, that’s what it’s there for, people in need. Whether it be WIC, or food stamps every little bit helps. Maybe this is an opportunity for further education for your husband…grants are available. Try to do some investigation for places that can help w/food, credit card bills (if you have them), etc. Even if you cant find immediate relief your sense of helplessness will be replaced with a sense of hope and inner strength.

Even though you already said it let me tell you…You are not alone. We have another saying in AA…God doesn’t close one door without opening another…it’s the waiting in the hall that drives you nuts.



I was feeling down and praying for encouragement. I needed to hear/read/reminded that God is control so thanks for the post. To the OP; I feel your pain just in a different circumstance but still having to deal with finace and physical security. I pray for the Holy Spirit’s comfort in Jesus’ name, Amen


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