letting it out...

Lord Jesus you are the only one I have. Everyone hates me or at least it feels like everyone hates me. My own mother i think would rather be happy if i wasn’t here. I feel like i need you to talk to. But even then it feels like i am going in circles. I am not the most beautiful or talented or social and fun person around. I m crying now and i can’t believe it. It seems like all my life except my early toddler days i have only been truly happy. When i knew i was in good protection. Now i am independent and it won’t bother me too much if i live my life alone. I have been paining and hurting almost everyday. I don’t want to eat because i know I’ll be lost again without you God. Thank you for allowing me to do well for your children and please forgive me if i have done anything wrong. Thank you for giving me the combination today, i put my whole trust in you, did you see that? :smiley: i am happy that you are here Lord, thank you Holy Spirit you did a perfect job today. I wish you can help me for more creative ideas. I… please protect me. You know i am still that same life that you saw when i was just born. I still have feelings too. I do understand everything is in your will to let happen. I really wish that i could hug you Jesus and cry on your shoulder. But it is okay because i know you are here always with me. And please my guardian angel mike protect me from satan and his attacks. Never ever let me go even if i ever forget you. No one truly knows what kind of pain im going through other than you my father. I feel like i lost all that i have. But just like Job i will still trust in you. I hope you can read what I’m typing. It is my preferred way of talking to you. I wish you were here to hold me tight father. And to my mother, i don’t know if we have talked much but i still love you. Help me to pray and be motivated to pray. It feels good to let everything out. I think keeping it inside is inflicting more pain in me. Hmmmm. Well i don’t know what else to say but I’m thankful to you my father for letting me have a great day. You know i can’t make it to any of the meetings because of the intense pain in my mind. I trust in you though Lord and may this suffering be a prayer for those reading this and those that want to know your love that can ease their pain. Thank you my precious Jesus.

Lord, please look upon mike with Your Love and mercy. Shower him with blessings and bring him comfort and peace in knowing You. Draw him closer to you each day, and have him know that you are all that matters. I ask this through the intercession of Your Most Holy Mother, Mary.

May God bless you always with His peace. You are His creation and thus beautiful and worthy of love…

Praying for you mike. And not everyone hates you. All of your brothers and sisters in Christ love you, and it’s apparent from your prayer that you know God loves you.
Praying for the peace of Christ to come to you, through the Holy Spirit.

May God bless you Mike.
Your mother may be struggling. There is no pain worse than the suffering or misdirections occurring in the life one’s child, young or adult. It doesn’t mean the child is not loved, but is in fact loved painfully deeply.
May God guide you and may God grant you to faithfully love God above all and to love others in practical kindness.
May God’ bless you abundantly always.

Thank everyone for your prayers. Really means alot to me. The pain is getting almost unbearable but I know full healing will come soon.

That is the most heartfelt and moving post I have read here since I have first joined. Congrats to you for being able to let that out and find comfort in the Lord. Keep the Lord God and Jesus close to you and pray to them often for support, comfort, and relief. That helped me a lot when I was in a lot of suffering. And I come from a background filled with abuse and neglect, so while not knowing your particular circumstances, you are not the only one here that has singificant pain and suffering. I happen to know of others too.

Your prayer gives me hope. It makes me realize that when things get bad the right thing to do is turn to God and Jesus for help. Thank you for that Mike. And welcome to this forum. I’'m new here but have found support and assitance and information to help me be a better Catholic as I follow my Faith.

God Bless you MIke, you are special and God knows this. Whatever your doing, it’s working, because your post really moved me deep down in my soul. It’s like it brought the Holy Spirit close to me or stirred witin me or something. That’s what one person can do for another without even knowing it. You made my day better today by being here and posting here. Thank you for that Mike. May tomorrow be less of a burden on you than today. And may you always know there is hope when you walk with God and Jesus Christ. I commend you for your courage for making that post, and I hope you post more often.
God Bless you Mike.
Thanks for being here,

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Bill, your post has warmed my heart immensely . I offer up all my suffering and put it to good use through the loving heart of Jesus so I think that God led you here because he knows of the intense suffering you have been through. I myself have been neglected mentally and emotionally and many times physically. I have had numerous rejections and betrayals from who I thought were the ones who loved me the most. I haven’t had this much pain ever in my life. I had no friends, I was painfully quiet and shy and people thought I was mute. Im not going to mention any more because I have learned to forgive those who have hurt me. Just like Jesus did upon that cross when he said, “Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” I keep repeating that when I am on my bed 20 hours a day crying and praying to God. I might only be 18, but I feel like if I had not gone through all of this I would have never gotten this close to Jesus ever. I am actually thanking God for all of this pain, and sometimes I ask for more pain so I can pray for more people. I’ve learned so much. I feel like God truly makes us strong through our weaknesses. People close to me think I have mental disorders and im a psycho and say I need to see a doctor. I firmly know that taking drugs and medication will not cure me. They will destroy me. But now i find myself coming to the blessed sacrament every day and i sit there and offer it up to Jesus. I know that Jesus is the only healer that i have. He really does renew and cure people. At times Jesus tells me in my mind messages. And the Holy Spirit also does an awesome job speaking to people. I am simply a vessel. God loves you truly and keeps your tear drops in a bottle. He loves you the same as you were when you were an infant. Keep your trust in God, and he will restore you and make you stronger than ever before. It’s kind of like a blacksmith. To make tools and weaponry he has to soften them and make it mend through intense fire and heat. But because of this fire, he can shape the material into a tool or a better weapon. I feel like God does that with you too. He is shaping you the way he wants to and use you as a strong weapon against evil and sin. He tells me that these days we live in now are dimming and sin has been so prevalent in society that we are in self destruction. But God is also making sure that we are able to withstand this and keep our faith in Him until the end. Again thank you so much for the post! I feel like my prayers and offerings are really helping :slight_smile: God tells me for you to read Psalm 23 & 49. Thank you also littlechicken for your prayers!

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