Levi’s Places Pro-Homosexual “Marriage” Ribbon on New Jeans

Anyone into Levi’s products?


Haven’t bought Levi’s jeans since manufacturing left the US. the quality vanished over the years. I still have some I wore in college, including the ones I had to rescue from the trashman more than once (I wonder why there aren’t women trashmen, but I digress) after my mom would toss them as “rags”. I was always proud of my ancient Levi’s, a fond remembrance of a wild and woolly youth, and a good centering device to reflect on whenever I’d think my kids were outlandish (they’re pitifully mild by comparison)

Though Levi’s became an organization sympathetic to leftist causes over the past 30 or 40 years, along with the rest of SF in the past 30 years, indoctrination at the sales counter is a new low.

Another icon of a more wholesome time bites the dust.

This annoys me because I like Levi’s. They’re inexpensive and nice looking honestly. I am very picky about waht I’ll wear. I guess I will have to find a different brand of jeans.

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