Levi Strauss CEO Sets Up Fund To Help Groups Working to Lessen U.S. Gun Violence


Read the rest of the open letter in the above link…



I’m old enough to remember when the Left opposed big corporations colluding to deprive citizens of Constitutional rights…


He is not much of a straight shooter. What he means by lessening gun violence is more gun laws. It would be great if he had the courage to say it, but he doesn’t.

We can’t insulate ourselves from every threat. We can’t “harden” every place we gather—whether it be our schools, workplaces, shops, churches, or entertainment venues. But we can take common-sense, measurable steps—like criminal background checks on all gun sales—that will save lives.

So he wants a law for a law that already exists. He calls that ‘common sense’? That is bizarre.


Now I don’t want to make light of this, but how on earth did the customer manage this?


Even though I like them, it must have been a Glock.


If he’s carrying a pistol with no safety…and didn’t have some sort of trigger guard…that’s an accident waiting to happen


This is what I think must have happened… :thinking:
I think the customer was carrying his gun on the Levi’s he wore into the changing room. As the customer was removing the shirt he was trying on, he panicked when he saw his reflection in the mirror and how fat his rear looked in the Levi’s he was wearing, knocking the gun out which then discharged when it hit the floor.


I am amazed at your ability to know the people mean something different from what they say.


Well, one is reminded of the FBI agent who discharged his pistol while dancing.


He didn’t offer any specifics. So what else can I do but follow the most common solution offered.


He did offer specifics. He asked gun owners not to bring guns into their stores. In any case, you can’t presume what is not stated.


I don’t know how old you are; but if you’re much older than I am, you’re very old indeed. My memory is that the political viewpoint that the “Left” held and that business found so threatening in past had to do with employee rights such as:

A safe working environment
A minimum wage
Social Security
No work place discrimination based on race, creed, disability, or age
Collective bargaining

Except for collective bargaining (that continues to be under attack), the things that first come to my mind and that are listed above have become accepted by business - and I would argue that not only have many, many American workers benefited but also business reaped benefits and the general economic good of country improved.


No, he wants gun registration, so they know when there is a gun transfer among family members.


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