LGBT Day of Silence -April 19th-will your child participate?

Just wondering how many parents on these forums will allow their chillden to particpate? And if so why?

Not mine, because we live in Japan. And I’m glad to have left my home country of America. What a rotten place it’s become!

From what I can see of it, this event is more about pushing LGBT agenda than bullying. If it were about bullying, it’d be about bullying, not bullying LGBT. Plenty of other people get bullied, too.


The GLSEN motto:

“Championing LGBT Issues in K-12 Education since 1990”


No, but she does do the Pro-Life day of of Silent Solidarity in October.

8000 middle and high schools - maybe not so many on these forums but somebody’s children participate and what influence does it have?

Agreed. A flat “what” is the only reaction appropriate for something like that.

Whoever thought that “LGBT issues” need “championing” in “K-12 education” has several screws loose. :mad:

I’m going to play obnoxiously loud music that day, for what it’s worth. :smiley:

I don’t like the groups overall agenda. At the same time, I don’t see a problem with kids participating in something that brings awareness to bullying and name calling issues. Bullying is morally wrong and we should do what we can to bring an end to it.

A very good point. Even if someone’s behaviour is sinful, that doesn’t give us an instant right to victimize them. Now, if some group could focus on the point you mentioned without pushing a broader “LGBT issues” concept, I for one would be for it.

My daughter is three years old and I don’t know what I’m going to do when she starts school. The majority of people I know who went to Catholic school have completely lost there faith and public school is full of deviant propaganda. I am leaning towards public school only because that’s where I went and though it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it is today I saw a lot of stuff I instinctively knew was wrong and it strengthened my faith to see, working in reel life, the evil that the church is speaking out against. My fear is that maybe she wont see it and will be carried off by this propaganda. I don’t know anything about Catholic school but I don’t want the faith to become institutionalized for her and I’m afraid that’s what might happen there.

We have to be careful, though. It’s very well known that the LGBT definition of “bullying” also encompasses christians speaking chartably about the importance of chastity. This group makes no distinction between hating the sin versus hating the sinner.

If a Catholic wants to speak out against bullying, in general, then that’s absolutely fine (and a good thing to do). That said, they should not be doing it under the banner of LGBT rights due to this group’s distorted understanding of “bullying”.


Much more important things to do.


Take your family and leave the country.

I did.

My friend did so, too.

No - and if they had it at my school I would have to take an unspecified day of leave - which would cost me a day’s wages and the cost of a substitute teacher.

Never even heard of it until now.

Other than those who want an excuse to not participate in class, this does not sound like an idea that is going to catch on fire–not if “silence” includes no texting! There are not a lot of times when a high school or middle school student will be quiet when they could be blabbering.

My kids? I couldn’t get them to do something like this if I put a gun to their heads. They are not sympathetic to liberal nonsense like this.

Your daughter is only three. If you start looking for a suitable parish and school, I think you’ll be able to find one. I also don’t understand what you mean by “I don’t want the faith to become institutionalized for her”. Please explain? What does an “institutionalized faith” look like?

My kids are in a Catholic school, and they thank us often for it. The academics are better and there is actual morality there. Not everybody believes it, but it is the prevailing view. Do not forget, too, that you can teach your child that not every Catholic knows what the faith is, and that many of a certain age lose their faith to their passions and their desire to do and think what they want to do and think.

The other alternative is to move somewhere very Catholic and then you have less worry about where you send her.

It isn’t something that schools have or sponsor, it’s something that the kids do and organize on their own.

I’m surprised that so many have never heard of this. It’s been a tradition for years and was done even when I was in high school.

I think that the issue is that it is hard to get people organized. Therefore, it is usually only groups like the LGBT and other similar groups that have the grassroots organization to get something like this off of the ground.

The only other group that I think could pull it off would be the Church, but very sadly, if it was organized by the Church it would probably not be allowed to happen in schools.

Really - I’ve never heard of it.

Just to be clear - I’m not against any person.

When I was a prison chaplain I held the hand daily of a transgendered person as they lay dying of AIDS in prison - I did not hate this person. In fact I came to care very deeply for him.

I am against the politicizing and promotion of the “queer” agenda in schools.

I’m pretty sure it could, according to the Equal Access Act:

Of course, it would have to be a true student group, put together by the students themselves.


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