Liam Neesen considering Islam


(for the last story, it appears in the middle of the article)

I just saw a 60 minutes piece where he once again said that he was considering it. I believe the piece was from last Sunday (about a week ago).


Sometimes these conversions occur after the death of a loved one.


True, although in his case, he never really seemed to embrace his Catholicism, so it wouldn’t be a conversion, really. More of an (from his standpoint) arrival to (his) truth.


I hope this proves to be unfounded.

Several years have passed since his wife was killed in the skiing accident.


I hope he thinks it through carefully and realizes that once he joins they won’t let him leave it without his life being in danger. According to Sharia law, the penalty for leaving Islam is death. The most recent example is the Sudanese woman sentenced to death for her Christianity. And she was pregnant when she was sentenced. Doing it “by the book” (of Sharia law) they let her give birth (with her feet in chains) before she is to receive her 100 lashes before her death sentence is carried out.


Hopefully he doesn’t convert and returns to the Catholic faith, and actually learns it this time. I remember hearing some comments from him about the Chronicles of Narnia which showed egregious ignorance of the faith.

The much-loved children’s stories have an unapologetic Christian message.

C. S. Lewis was clear that the character of Aslan in his Chronicles of Narnia is based on Christ.

But actor Liam Neeson, who voices the lion in the latest Narnia film, has prompted a row after claiming his character is also based on other religious leaders such as Mohammed and Buddha.


It is surprising at his age, but Liam sounds rather lost.


[size=][size=]Many consider the wilderness a better alternative - and die in it. Other religions, other denominations, other considerations than what Christ said. They are not at home in either; neither their roots, nor the new convinsion, which in fact never will be a convinsion at all, but rather a fanatic conglomerate, led by their weak character. The couldn’t find any hold in Christianity, because they never found a hold at all in their previous life altogether. So, they became fanatics of any other religion or even atheism, condemning all what others think. Fanatics of all shades miss the gift of differing. They, lacking self-confidence can’t as Paul demanded in 1Thes 5,21: examine all things; hold fast to what is good.
As they are unable to do so, they follow their own law lat let Satan guide them. The result we see in the gangs of murderers Islam constantly recruits. In a gang, a former nobody is „somebody“ - that’s all they want - though „somebody" just in this life - a lost nobody in the real life after his death.[/size][/size]


How many Muslims do you know I know many and they are nothing like the off-the-wall characterization you make.


Not in the West.

I’m not sure where you live that you have such an image of Muslims in the West, but you couldn’t be more wrong.


You’re right. I looked and looked and i couldn’t find a single story of a muslim being killed for leaving islam in the west.:rolleyes:


I don’t know that he specifically was referring to muslims in the west.

Let’s see. Do you remember what happened to the poor british soldier that was run down and then fatally attacked by 2 muslims on the streets of london? It happened a year or two ago. Of course the soldier was not killed because he left the islamic faith but probably because he was an infidel. Then we also had the boston marathon bombing.


The events you refer aren’t in any way related to an individual converting to Islam.


There are 3.5 million Muslims in the US alone.
Excluding Turkey, there are 44 million Muslims in Europe.

Muslims in the West do not kill each other for leaving the faith. Sure, you can probably find a few isolated incidents every year, but looking at the numbers, it just isn’t a risk that you can reasonably be concerned about.

To say that converting to Islam in the US or Europe is dangerous because they may kill you if you leave is really just fear mongering and religious bigotry.


Reread my post ringil.


It nevers fails around here.

A prominent actor who is Catholic debates leaving the faith for Islam, and the usual suspects leap into the topic, not discuss the horror of losing ones soul by abandoning the Catholic faith, but in an effort to quell mischaracterizations of Islam…


This is really sad. We need to pray for him that he does not leave Catholicism for Islam. He would be leaving the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ for Islam which is not a completely true religion. Islam has many false doctrines but the Catholic Church has no false doctrines.


And yet, if he were to join Islam having obeyed his erroneous conscience, he would be right in doing so. One must always obey his conscience, even if it is (objectively) erroneous, for subjectively he would be doing the “right” thing.


Just because devout Muslims do not talk about this does not mean one can leave Islam (whether here or in the Middle East) and not pay some sort of price.

If one is a DEVOUT Muslim, one knows that the penalty for leaving Islam is DEATH.

Read the Quran and from beginning to end with a discerning mind AND the major HAdiths (commentaries) on the Quran and Mohammed. It is only fair, anyway, that Neeson get thoroughly acquainted with the religion he has seriously considered joining for a while. :frowning:

The ban against leaving Islam and its penalty buy death is there. Again, just because Muslims do no mention that does not mean they do not know about it and would not consider it----even for Neeson. They certainly have no problem considering and enacting it for ordinary people----even in the United States. Muslims also have the tradition of saying things in our language that they do not say in their OWN language. It is known as Takiya-----being able to lie and dissemble for their own faith. This is also in the hadiths. Witness the fact that Mislims do not often mention the fact that their own religion teaches that at the end of times, good devout Muslims are REQUIRED to take up the sword and kill unbelievers—particualrly Chrsitians and Jews. One of the reasons the Mahdi (Muslim Messiah) will come is so that Islam the “One True Faith” is finally implemented over the Earth and all non-believers be put to the sword. :shrug::shrug:

I would seriously encourage the man to study and get truly educated on the religion he is seriously thinking of joining. :blush:


I haven’t real all the posts/replies in the thread, but why wouldn’t LN be considering Islam? There a huge cultural vacuum in the western world and Catholicism is way too weak to fill the void (One symptom would be the US episcopate turning the contraception mandate into a conversation about religious liberty instead of taking the opportunity of standing and fighting for Church teaching. A second symptom is the deafening silence concerning so-called gay marriage. Just pathetic leadership all around. Did I mention Cardinal Dolan’s “bravo” for Michael Sam?). Islam is well positioned to fill that void. Look for this to be the trend of the future in the US and Europe, especially among white males.

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