"Liberal Catholic Church" Just Baptists in robes?


Their supreme leader looks like the guy from FUTURAMA.

I had family in this area. Have you ever attended mass there?

It is not a Catholic Church under the Pope. It is a combo of Protestant and Old Catholic.

Why would he attend Mass there?

I’ve heard of this Church, but I’m not so sure why you’re comparing them to Baptists? :shrug: The “Liberal Catholic Church” is open to the possibility of reincarnation, ordains “non-celibate gays and lesbians”, and teaches some Universalist (as in Universal Salvation, "everyone one is saved) ideas. That’s far from what Baptists believe and practice.

lol… the church of FARNSWORTH! :rotfl:


That would explain their plug for Monastery Icons.

I was going to say they should just become Episcopalian, but I’m not sure that they even have reincarnation as a fringe belief.

I agree, I’m actually a former Baptist myself :slight_smile:

Why would he attend a mass to a Church that is not in communion with Rome?

My thoughts exactly. He would risk much attending such a horrid service (can’t even call it a Mass since they are not in Communion and are no longer Catholic).

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