Liberal Clergy Praise Planned Parenthood 'Doing God's Work'

A group of liberal clergy who advise the largest abortion provider in the United States have praised employees of the organization for “doing God’s work.”

A statement released Wednesday by the Planned Parenthood Clergy Advocacy Board attacks what it portrays as “politically motivated, heavily edited, and secretly recorded” videos released by the California-based organization Center for Medical Progress (CMP).


Here is a list of the so-called “clergy”:

Rabbi Jon Adland
Canton, OH
Reform Jewish

Vice Chair
The Rev. Susan Russell
All Saints Episcopal Church
Pasadena, CA

The Rev. David A. Ames
Providence, RI

Rev. Tom Davis
Saratoga Springs, NY
United Church of Christ

The Rev. Dr. Gawain F. de Leeuw
White Plains, NY

The Rev. Kevin Jones
Greenacres, FL

Rev. Dr. Daniel Kanter
First Unitarian Church of Dallas
Dallas, TX

The Rev. Vincent Lachina
Seattle, WA
American Baptist

The Rev. Jeremy Lopez
Salem United Church
Tonowanda, NY
United Church of Christ

Rev Janet Maykus
Indianapolis, IN
Christian Church DOC

Rabbi Dennis Ross
Concerned Clergy for Choice
Albany, NY
Reform Jewish

Dr. Scott Sattler
Eureka, CA
Universal Sufism

Rabbi Peter Stein
Temple B’rith Kodesh
Rochester, NY
Reform Jewish

Ani Zonneveld
Muslims for Progressive Values
Los Angeles, CA

I realize PP is not in any way popular here and any support shown whatsoever for the organization is shot down by Catholics and those of other faith communities with a more conservative bend to them. So I’ll just say I think this is merely another one of the differences among Christians. Conservatives look at PP and see primarily contraception and abortion. Liberal clergy apparently see beyond the objections conservatives have to PP and see the many more services that indeed PP has provided to many people toward their health care. We must remember that not all Christians share the same views, including on such issues as contraception, abortion or stem cell research.

Good news for me!

Providing a few basic medical services gives license to terminate people - I can finally go on a murderous rampage after my victims a free colonoscopy.

Heretics, every one of them. I knew the Episcopalians supported abortion and PP specifically. Take note that the non-Christians are listed as reform and progressive, sound familiar from a Catholic perspective?

In reality over 90% of PP’s services are abortion related and those services contribute to over 97% of PP’s revenue. Considering that when laws are enforced to regulate PP’s abortion related services PP would rather close down their facilities than comply. Are they not concerned with providing non-abortion related health services? Doesn’t appear to be the case.

Do you have a cite? I remember hearing something along the lines of how they get their 3% number is by counting a pack of 12 pills as 12 unique services. But I’d like to see a breakdown, if you have a good one available.

Ummm… if I make 50 flights that drops tons of food in 10 African villages but then gas the villagers in one of the villages afterwords can I assume you will applaud me for my 50 humanitarian acts and simply overlook that one (questionably) bad act? How about if I make housing for the poor by, I don’t know, maybe rounding up Jews and exterminating them. I mean the Nazis improved conditions for some people so we should hail them for that and just overlook how they actually did it.

In no terms would 500, or 5,000, or 5,000,000 mammograms (well referrals actually) justify even 1 act of dismembering a child. The fact that there are people that can applaud an org like Planned Infanticide is utterly repulsive. You cannot uphold someone for doing good and just ignore the utter evil they perpetrate.

People love to claim PP assists in so many ways.

When questioned as to what, they spout off lists that if analyzed outside of talking points, they would see that anyone who goes in without a need for coming back to get an abortion, are referred to others.

PP exists for one reason, which is described in the investigative journalism lately and in so many other resources as was guaranteed to happen over time… to collect money for the destruction of humans, then to collect money for the sale of the parts.

It really isn’t that complicated.

The only way to fight such evil is spiritually. We’ve seen, you can show something to people and they quickly look elsewhere and pretend they didn’t see what they just saw.

In reference to those “other services” provided by PP-this list was published on Mark Shea’s blog today:

Planned Parenthood DOES NOT provide:

-Prenatal Care
-Breast Biopsies
-Breast Cancer Diagnostic Care
-Primary Health Care
-Diabetes Treatment
-Treatment for Elevated Cholesterol
-Treatment for Elevated Blood Pressure
-Holistic Medicine
-Obstetrical Care
-Pediatric Care
-Care for HIV Positive Individuals
-Infertility Treatments
-Natural Family Planning Instruction
-Care for Uterine Fibroids
-Treatment for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
-Adoption Placement
-Prostate Exams
-Uterine Laser Ablation
-Cervical Laser Ablation
-Miscarriage Management
-Bladder Disorders and Urinary Problems
-Prolapsed Pelvic Floor Concerns
-Laparoscopic Procedures
-Treatment of Endometriosis
-Polyp Removal
-Endometrial Ablation
-BRCA Testing
-Bone Density Testing
-Treatment of Pelvic Pain
-Treatment of Vulvar Pain
-Molar Pregnancy Follow Up

Planned Parenthood DOES provide:

-First and Second Trimester Abortions
-Limited STD testing and treatment
-Pap Smears for Women in Child Bearing Years
-Limited Contraceptive Methods
And, I might add, $47 Pregnancy tests

I think most people have heard the line about “women’s health services” for so long, they really believe this is some sort of charity organization!

I think they misspelled Satan in their headline. Planned Parenthood is doing the work of Satan. Easy mistake to make when your head’s shoved that far up your back end.

I can understand why people like PP. I can understand that for many women, having control over one’s fertility is essential for both education and career advancement. I can understand that many people think that PP offers a wide array of health services for under privileged women. I can even understand why some people may see Abortion as a tragic yet necessary procedure. I don’t with people’s love of PP but I can understand.

What I can’t understand is why liberal clergy would take this opportunity to praise PP. PP made a mistake. A really big mistake. Even if you have no problem with selling the body parts of aborted fetuses you *should *be upset that PP has kept this practice hushed and is trying to cover up their mistake. You should be upset that they launched a false flag operation on their website to drum up sympathy. You should be upset that Planned Parenthood is trying to turn a profit on the business of human suffering.

As I said I understand this is a conservative forum and therefore expected no less of the reaction presented in this post and in others. We in faith are free to believe as it is that we understand God. And I understand the passion that is found on both sides of this debate and rhetoric is used. But whether we believe it should be or not, under civil law abortion is not considered to be the murder of people.

:gopray2: All I can say is we should pray for them.

Before I depart this thread since I obviously knew only a conservative viewpoint would be the prevailing opinion here, it’s still not that difficult for me to see where exams and referrals might be important to those lives that perhaps have been saved by physicians and nurses performing exams and making referrals. For instance referrals for a mammogram. I haven’t walked in their shoes. Peace be with all.

Just remember it’s called “Planned Parenthood”

Not “women’s services”.

‘Customers’ and EE’s are not confused as to the goal.

I would guess the number of customers that think of “Planned Parenthood”, for a service outside of “Planning Parenthood” is quite small, if not a smoke screen for the company.

That’s all well and good, but most county health departments offer the same and more. We don’t need PP to provide those services. The only reason PP exists aside from the duplicated services is for abortion.

Firstly,regardless of whether or not the videos were edited,how does that change the blatant facts exposed by what was shown?How can these callous conversationsy the parties involved be misconstrued?They come right out and tell it like it is and manage to joke about these gruesome practices to boot!
Re any good PP may do,say,cancer testing,etc.That is all blotted out by the majority of evil they pursue on a daily basis.Abortion is the biggest revenue maker for PP.BC,etc is next in line.If they were REALLY about caring for women,they would offer them real options.They tak about pro choice,nonsense.The ONLY choice they offer is murdering babies in the womb,then apparently,making additional money selling their body parts.No way ,no how this can be spun to be anything but the evil it really is!!!

Conservative, liberal, right wing, left wing, chicken wing has nothing to do with it. Abortion denies a human being the right to life, and, without the right to life, all other rights are meaningless.

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