Liberal groups want Manchin removed from Dem leadership


Several liberal groups plan to deliver a petition to Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) Thursday morning calling on him to remove Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) from party leadership.


This might be the only one who didn’t dip in the Clinton’s fund:D


Manchin should just switch parties.

Also, they are going after Dave Rubin.


Manchin doesn’t look or talk like a rubber stamp. :slight_smile:


Manchin already called out Sanders supporters and told them that he isn’t changing and that if they don’t like him, they could attempt to primary him.

This guy should just run as a Republican in 2018. He’d have a better shot of winning and he’s already conservative on almost every issue.


He’s not. If he we were, he’d lose in a landslide since represents West Virginia, which is one of the few remaining sane states.

Angus King and Bernie Sanders are “independents” but more “rubber stamps” than Manchin would ever dream possible.

That’s what low-information voting yields.


I kind of wish he would. That way we can really bear down on other states, maybe even give Ben Cardin a run for his money in Maryland.


I rode with Manchin’s uncle many years ago when we were pallbearers for my uncle’s funeral. His uncle at the time was WV Sec of State. An office Joe Manchin would later also hold. The Manchin family has long been involved in WV Democratic politics.

This article was written after the 2014 midterms. But WV has been red on the Presidential level for long before that. WV hasn’t been a blue state on the Presidential level since the last century. They did elect a governor in Nov who, like Manchin, identifies as a Democrat. And Manchin endorsed Hillary Clinton in the last cycle.

“Joe Manchin IS the Democratic Party in West Virginia.”

“People who think the decision for Manchin to flip is an easy one just don’t understand West Virginia politics.”

“Let’s go back in time a few years. Since 2005, when Joe Manchin first took the Governor’s Mansion, the Democratic Party in West Virginia has been completely controlled by Manchin and those in his machine.”

“He would never be welcome as a Republican in West Virginia and definitely not trusted. Joe isn’t a Republican with a D by his name.”


This is a really great thing!!! Throw in some Green Party competition and the left vote is split all over the place!


No the “left vote” is not “split all over the place!” I consider myself among the “left vote” and I might have voted Green last yr if it wasn’t for the fact that either Trump or Clinton was going to be POTUS. I didn’t decide in 2000 how I was going to vote until I was driving to my polling place. Nader or the Gore-Lieberman ticket? I ended up choosing Gore because I did not want to aid in the election of GWB-Cheney.


It’s possible Manchin could switch parties. He is a more “moderate” Democrat and when he speaks on Fox News (I’m a regular morning viewer of Fox and Friends) he was never afraid to say what was on his mind - and he wasn’t afraid to admit that he didn’t like Obama.

The mainstream newspapers do cover when Manchin has broken party lines, which has been more often than people think. Manchin voted to defund Planned Parenthood, and he did confirm some of Trump’s cabinet members.

Most of the old “bluedog Democrats” (I liked Zell Miller from Georgia) are unfortunately gone. I remember when James Webb (former Virginia Senator, Vietnam Veteran (forced to retire on a medical) and Defense Secretary under Reagan), one of the last of the Reagan Democrats, was being interviewed by Tucker Carlson. Webb ran for President in the Democratic primary against Clinton, O’Malley, Sanders, and that clown Chaffie. The only interview I remember that was done with James Webb on national media was Tucker Carlson. Tucker asked Webb point blank:

“Senator Webb, why are you still a Democrat?”


Bluedog Democrats should be recruited again.


Who is going to recruit them? The Democrats have gone too far Left to vote for moderates. Republicans aren’t going to vote in Democratic primaries.


You’re probably right. The subject came up on Morning Joe. Among other things Howard Dean noted the new voters are becoming more averse to labeling. I’m inclined to believe him.


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