“Liberal theology will kill the churches in Europe, it is a spiritual suicide”

Public debate confronted views on penal substation and atonenement. Revd. David Robertson tells Evangelical Focus he thinks Church of Scoltand will “prevent such a debate happening again.”
More than 200 attended a public debate in Edinburgh (Scotland) on Wendesday 30 October. “Two types of Christianity” were discussed, in a event in which Free Church Moderator Revd. David Robertson defended doctrines like penal substitution and atonement in a discussion with Church of Scotland’s minister Revd. Scott McKenna


Son of Niall

I know nothing at all, I’m sorry to say, about the Scottish Protestant Churches, despite the fact that one of my grandmothers was a Scottish Presbyterian. I thought the Free Church and the Church of Scotland were both Calvinist. Consequently, I’m puzzled by this statement:

*Robertson thinks these type of debates are useful for believers. But he adds: “I think this will present a challenge but my view is that the establishment of the church will do all they can to prevent such a debate happening again.” *

Which side is the “establishment of the church” on? Are they hoping to protect the atonement-deniers from the danger of being contaminated by atonement-believers, or is it the other way around?


David Robertson is actually a very orthodox (small o) Christian i.e. anti gay marriage, pro life, etc and I have a lot of time for him. I learned about him from listening to his debates with atheists on the **Unbelievable **podcast which are very much worth listening to .

Funny that he claims that penal substitution is the traditional conservative orthodox opinion, when in reality penal substitution was a man-made tradition of the Protestant reformers.

But he’s right that liberal theology absolutely does destroy churches. The quickest way to empty out your church is to liberalize and try to be more like the world.

To paraphrase James Carville, “It’s the ‘Spirit of Vatican II’, silly!”

I`m quite sure liberalism is a form of liberal lateral, ( surely not an L thing here happening, just jesting …

Excuse my user name… :shamrock2: OUR Father have mercy …

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