Liberalism and voting

Liberalism is a
It always puzzled me when we know how Jesus would vote and we do not vote the same.
I found the above link on a religious site Obviously, it did not come out as a hyperlink.
One minister on you tube, who is black and voting for Trump as his church is said, " Donot look at the vessel delivering the message." I look at the platform of DNC, RNC I watch the news and FOX delivers both sides. THERE is always faithful Juan and various members of Clinton’s campaign. It is refreshing hearing faithful prolife news analysts.
Trump was in his tower. He was an entertainer. The primaries were entertaining. BUT people close to him, such as Dr. BEN Carson, his running mate, Gov. PEnce. AND many people are praying for him.
He changed to prolife from his daughters persuasion and other things in his life. PARTIAL birth abortion are not even needed. AFTER 6 mo, do a C-Section and baby is up for adoption. C-sections are no more stressful than delivering the child feet first, leaving the head in the vagina, stabbing it in the back of neck, and sucking it’s brains out.
Condoms are allowed/Pope Benedict XVI and birth control/Pope Francis because of Zita virus.
Bankruptcies-- he had to pay contractors a percentage of their bills. Otherwise, there would be no Trump tower. I started to file once. THEY asked how many underpants I owned on the form… All assets go. The other one is you pay partial bills and not pay taxes till a recovery point. Pres. Carter said, “A man will look and/or lust till he dies.” The 50’s had a touchy, feely, pinching, groping mentality. MY parents would go to Christmas parties and I was with them. The men, would poke, pinch, and grab their wives or friends wives. MELANIA would castrate him now. Besides he is in a serious learning curve.
The national debt has to get under control. Call or write your Congress person to reduce their salaries before they start w military, and Social Security.
OBAMA HAS ASKED FOR A PAY RAISE FOR ALL EX-PRESIDENTS FOR $183,000.00 over their $400,000.00 salary. THEY write books and make speeches. HOW DARE HE!!!
Obamacare is collapsing. REMEMBER Pelosi saying, “THIS IS SUCH A MEMORABLE DAY! EVERYONE CAN AFFORD HEALTH CARE! NO WE DIDN’T READ IT. WE’LL UNDERSTAND IT AS WE USE IT.” Aetna is pulling out of 7 states I tnink. PREMIUMS are increasing where the penalty will be cheaper than the insurance.
The wikileaks are horrible and a crime. OTHERS served time or lost jobs for the stuff HILLARY pulled.
Sneaky meetings at airports between Loretta Lynch, DOJ and Bill Clinton. Comey was threatened w his life or family safety. Ignorance of a crime never has cleared you of a crime. “I only have one blackberry.”
Says Hillary. After being subpoenad for emails that are in blackberries, they destroy 15 of them. SHE forgot 39 times during questioning if she was taught about TOP SECRET DOCUMENT HANDLING AND
CLASSIFIED DOCUMENT HANDLING!!! If her memory is that bad she can’t be Commander in Chief.
I’m not paying attention to names of head leaders right now of ISIS but Most of us who are from military backgrounds know as much as some Generals and more than some. I read ALJazerra
The Twelfth Prophet is the GREAT MAHADI.
Some Generals may not know that. GET a coalition of Mid East states and NATO and end this slaughter.
No refugees unless passports and vetting for terrorist mosque contacts… Get names of mosques in countries. FIND which teach Wahabiism. THIS is radical Islamic terrorist teaching. Christians know at least 5 prayers. Don’t use just one.
Build that border. Send those held in centers on the border back. No sanctuary cities. NEED ID CARDSFOR WORKING ILLEGALS! He can’t send them back. THE farmers would have no one to work their farms.

There will be a tariff war.
He has dealt w various international leaders w business.HILLARY HAS EVERYTHING SCREWED Up IN mis-east.
Some Dems walked in Unity in Selma for civil rights.
Some were KKK hating Catholic, Blacks and Jews.
African Americans have been kept in slavery under Democratic titles that have given you nothing but that two important things=your vote and position in society. BUT the JFK days are over.The morals of our sociery has changed. MORE black girls’ use abortions than whites. IT is a form of genocide.
Visit Clinton Crimes in Arkansas. WATCH video if you can. BUT there are typed long copies. 114 dead who had contact w Clintons. COCAINE was being brought in to MENES airport. WILD toga parties.
Remrmber the 12yo girl who was raped and beaten to the point of her not having children and was a prostitute later. THIS could have been your daughter
Dehumanized by Hillary. ON an open Mike she was heard saying how stupid the jury was to make them believe she had a fantasy of sex w older men… If consensual why was she beaten? Hillary laughed at the end of her statement.
You do not vote corruption in. YES, we are still allowing dead people to vote. The portable hard drive they Put in the machine to start it, could have 1000 votes for Dems programmed in.
Pray to have your heart and spirit aligned w Jesus not a party. NOTHING is to be a God before us. DON’T make a political party a god.
I can see God changing Trump. THERE is no change in the Climton’s tricks.
We are aII one family. THE family of God. WE can lovingly disagree.
in Christ’s love

Racism - Almost every Hate Group in the country is supporting Trump. Just some of his supporters include Rocky Suhayda ( Head of American Nazi Party ), The Infamous
David Duke, Andrew Anglin (website the Daily Stormer), Rachel Pendergraft (Organizer for Knights Party) James Edward (Political Cess Pool Radio) and on & on.
Abortion - Trump was Pro Choice his whole life including late term abortion until he decided to run for President in the Republican Party. It’s a trend don’t forget Romney and Julianni both pro choice then pro life when convenient.
Injustice to Foreigners - Muslim Ban
Injustice Against the Wage Earners - Against raising the minimum wage and stiffing Contractors while filing bankruptcy.
Lying ( Breaking his Wedding Vows not once but twice )
Adultery - Routine for Mr. Trump, how many women claims does one need
Mental Torture - Abusing the girl on her weight gain. Part of doing business for his Miss Universe Pageant and not to mention mocking a handicap individual. How low of a man is that.
Physical Torture - Waterboarding is ok with him
Claiming John McCain is not a hero because he was captured that’s insanity and you want to put Nuclear Codes in his hand ?
Claiming he knows more then our Military Generals oh really ?
Calling Pope Francis disgraceful that the Pope should define what is not Christian like in building walls.
Questioning the character of a Gold Star Mother who lost her son fighting for our country, again how low of a man is he ?
Yes Donald Trump has sacrifice Nothing for his Country without expecting a pay back to his bank account.

XMonsters exist, but they are too few in number to be truly dangerous. More dangerous are the common men, the functionaries ready to believe and to act without asking questions.” - Primo Levi

Hate groups like Black Lives Matter? Black Panthers? Atheists? Sorry they support Hillary.

Yes two thirds of Atheists do support Hillary. Practically all Black Civil Right Groups do support Hillary that not news most Blacks support Hillary. I would not classify Black Lives Matter as a Hate Group but more like a Civil Rights Group. You can’t deny the US Justice Dept. findings in Furgerson Mo. on Civil Rights violations toward Blacks in that city and I’m not referring to the shooting of the young black man. Black Panthers I only remember them in the 60’s when they were a Militant Black Civil Rights Group.

The Black Panthers were never a hate group.


Trump is no saint, but you are straining to prove Trump worse on issues where Hillary Clinton has him beat:

Racism: Hillary has said she “admires” Margaret Sanger, supporter of eugenics and founder of the institutionally racist, Planned Parenthood

Abortion - Hillary is pro Abortion rights NOW. She believes it is morally acceptable to slice, dice, julienne little unborn babies.

Lying: Just compare her comments to Comey’s about her server, side by side. If she did nothing wrong or was telling the truth, why did her staff members either invoke the 5th amendment or work out “immunity deals”. She lies about lying, she lies about getting sick, she lied about Benghazi.

Catholics: Her campaign chairman set up faux Catholic groups for the purpose of countering Catholic teaching to garner more support

Support for her serial sexual abusing husband and her active role in quashing “bimbo eruptions”

there is plenty more. I hope you get the point.

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