Liberals vs Conservatives 50 years ago

Does anyone know the differences between them?

For instance, I looked at the Republican platform in 56 and the Democratic platform in 60, and the only real difference I could tell was that Republicans apparently had a stricter monetary policy.

But that’s it.

I guess I could also ask, “What’s the difference between an Eisenhower Republican and a Kennedy Democrat?”

This is pretty much at the dawn of my personal consciousness, but it has struck me that there were more differences WITHIN parties back in that era than seems to be the case now. Today’s Repubs are pretty much where the mainstream Dems were back then, and todays Dems more closely resemble the Rockefeller Repubs of yore; libertarian socially, big on spending, given to Wilsonian ways of thinking generally. (yes, I know Wilson was a Dem).

Foreign policy. Look at who got us involved in the major wars.

That was one difference between the two parties.

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