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I keep reading this but what exactly is “liberation theology”??Can someone please direct me to a board where this is discussed or please answer my question!??

[quote=crazyage3]I keep reading this but what exactly is “liberation theology”??Can someone please direct me to a board where this is discussed or please answer my question!??

Here is a portion of the 1995 “This Rock” Magazine quoting John Paul ll. Although “liberation” is a Biblical theme, liberation theology ties itself to Marxism which makes it anti-Christian.

"NOT surprisingly, on his recent visit to Latin America Pope John Paul II repeated his condemnation of liberation theology. He said that, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, liberation theology had died in Latin America.

In this assessment he was backed by Cardinal Nicolas Lopez Rodriguez of Santo Domingo, who said “the Holy Father is completely right.”** Archbishop Ricardo Durand Florez** of Peru, author of books critical of liberation theology, said, “the once powerful theological trend is now history.”

Not everyone agreed. Liberation theologian and former Franciscan priest Leonardo Boff told reporters, “Somebody made that line for him, because it is well known that other people write the Pope’s speeches. I even wrote some of his speeches in Brazil.”

Reminded that the words of the Pope were improvised in a press conference, Boff said, “The Pope is an opportunist because he knows that there are many people who still believe in the theology of liberation.”

As Cardinal Lopez Rodriguez replied, “There certainly are some people that still believe in [liberation theology], but they are just a corpse, a dead body.”

Here is a document from the sacred congregation for the doctrine of faith which goes into further detail of liberation theology.

In short it imposes “Conflict Theory” to theology which means that there is and always will be a conflict between two classes. In recent times this has given movement to Gay Theology, Feminist Theology and various ethnic theologies. In conflict theory taking up arms against the opressing class is licit. This is found to be false by the Church and should be avoided at all costs. See the encyclical Laborem Excergens (sp?) by John Paul II and various CDF documents on the issue.

Liberation Theology basically turned Jesus into a political figure. A lot of people who subscribe to it contend that Jesus somehow was an advocate of Socialism. It took deep roots with religious orders like the Jesuits and Maryknoll, especially in Latin America. It was condemned by John Paul II and it is dieing out, even though it still rears its ugly head every now and then.

Liberation theology, the Marxist version, is NOT to be confused with Communion an Liberation. This is an interesting group that both JP II and Benedict XVI appreciate and many others do not.

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