Liberia's Christian leaders claim: "Gays are responsible for Ebola outbreak". Witch-hunts on the rise


Liberia’s Gay Community Under Attack Over Ebola Outbreak

Leroy Ponpon doesn’t know whether to lock himself in his flat in Monrovia because of the deadly Ebola virus, or because he is gay. Christian churches’ recent linking of the two have made life hell for him and hundreds of other gays.

Ponpon, an LGBT campaigner in the Liberian capital, says gays have been harassed, physically attacked and a few have had their cars smashed by people blaming them for the haemorrhagic fever, after religious leaders in Liberia said Ebola was a punishment from God for homosexuality.

“Since church ministers declared Ebola was a plague sent by God to punish sodomy in Liberia, the violence towards gays has escalated. They’re even asking for the death penalty. We’re living in fear,” Ponpon told the Thomson Reuters Foundation by telephone from Monrovia.

Archbishop Lewis Zeigler of the Catholic Church of Liberia said that “one of the major transgressions against God for which He may be punishing Liberia is the act of homosexuality,” local media reported.

I guess it’s nothing new…Especially if we take a closer look at our history.

PS Homosexuality and bisexuality are illegal in Liberia. Open homosexual\bisexual men and women get 1 year prison sentence.


I looked up what appears to be the original article on the Liberia Council of Churches statement:

That God is angry with Liberia, and that Ebola is a plague. Liberians have to pray and seek God’s forgiveness over the corruption and immoral acts (such as homosexualism, etc.) that continue to penetrate our society. As Christians, we must repent and seek God’s forgiveness.
That a three-day indoor fast and prayer across the nation be observed, commencing next Wednesday, August 6th, and concluding Friday, August 8th.
That an inter-denominational committee be constituted to present said resolution to government.
That if government is in agreement, the Republic of Liberia be locked up for three days of fast and prayer. All movement should be restricted during those three days. People should stay at home for three days of silence, fasting and prayer.


The council did propose fasting and prayer, NOT attacks on gays. Kind of strange that the reported ***violence ***would be the response of some people who apparently believe Ebola to be a plague caused by sin.

In my opinion, never before (in my lifetime at least) have people of faith needed to examine more closely the role of God-given reason in living out that faith!


That is very disturbing. For those who might be wary of the Huffington Post, the story has been widely reported (another version from a Liberian Newspaper can be found here).

It should be noted that the statement does not say that Ebola was a plague sent by God to punish Liberia for Sodomy; rather, it says “[t]hat God is angry with Liberia, and that Ebola is a plague. Liberians have to pray and seek God’s forgiveness over the corruption and immoral acts (such as homosexualism, etc.) that continue to penetrate our society. As Christians, we must repent and seek God’s forgiveness.” The distinction is that the statement does not blame Ebola on Homosexuals but rather general immorality that includes homosexuality.

Nevertheless, all religious leaders in the region have a duty to promote the rights and safety of all people. If Churches, especially the Catholic Church, were to condemn this persecution it would be good for everyone involved. I hope that they can do so, and that the safety of the LGBT community within Liberia is assured.


Huffingtonpost is as credible as dirt is edible.


There is nothing wrong with a government imprisoning sodomites.


Hey, they were responsible for AIDS; weren’t they?

(Relax. it’s just sarcasm… :rolleyes:)


Maybe God is punishing them with Ebola for violence against the gay population?

Kidding aside, if God punished us like this for sin we would have been wiped out centuries ago.

Luckily the reality is that Christ died for our sins so that God doesn’t have to punish us in this way.


No offense to you guys, but if you ever wondered why non-belivers think Catholics hate the gays and don’t belive you don’t…This is it.

I thought the Vatican might have brought some of these guys back under control after that Ugandan Cardinal proclaimed death on all the gays in his see last year but apparently not :frowning:

" We love you, we just hate your sin! That’s why with loving tender kindness we’re going to encourage the laity to murder you. But we really don’t hate you!"


Liberia is a nation colonized by United States citizens. The Americo-Liberians are largely members of the Masonic order of Liberia. That could be why Ebola is destroying this nation -it’s Masonic!

(Read the Culture section)

…The US might be next! Another masonically generated nation. :cool:


This post is offensive. I don’t believe any Catholic cardinal promoted the death penalty for homosexuality when the Church is doctrinally opposed to the death penalty except when absolutely necessary.

…nobody encouraged the laity to murder anyone as you suggest.
“An earlier version of this posting, based on a report from an African news source, suggested that the bill contained the death penalty as punishment for homosexuality, as it originally had. A later report indicated that the death penalty has been removed from this bill.”


Many Gays will remain Christian in spite of the article in the OP, my understanding is that in some countries such as Iran, gays are put to death yet, some remarks by people facing hardship and losing their fellow citizens are used to be derisive towards Christianity.


I’m sure I’m not the only one who can see the contradiction in the above statement. When is absolutely necessary? Apparently the RC’s bishops felt that time was Uganda 2013.

Yes, the bill did change eventually thankfully…Under intense financial pressure from outside secular authorities. Not voluntarily. Let’s not forget that.


Let’s just make the usual footnote, Atheistic systems, China and the Soviet Union killed millions of people.

Now, we are talking about some 3rd world nation, we need to remember that.


And let’s not forget, in one century, the 20th Century, Atheistic Systems, Communism, per Mao and Stalin killed over 100,000,000 people.


O-Oh-ohoho WELL! That makes it all absolutely fine then! :rolleyes: What’s another genocide or two driven by fanaticism in the scheme of things eh?

Yes, Stalinism and Maoism killed a lot of people. Compare almost one hundred years to eighteen hundred years of heretic slaying, Cathar crusades and witch burnings…Yeah, I think theism is still winning on the killcount.


Where is genocide being discussed? I haven’t seen this, I saw someone scapegoated, we see people scapegoated all the time. So and so is responsible for the rise in crime and so on.

Point remains, Atheists have killed way more innocents in one century while the original post quotes vile remarks.


Guess again!

If you check at the bottom it’s as recent as 1998 that RC priests have been sentenced to death for their participation in acts of genocide, in good old religious anti-athiest Africa no less!


Sin has lot of consequences.


I tend to agree. Even if people did believe it was a plague brought on my sin, in an situation full of intense suffering and fear perhaps it’s not the best time to be pointing fingers at anyone. Perhaps the men of God need to simply encourage people to trust Him and not act out of fear and ignorance.

It is even more heart-rending that large numbers of Ebola orphans are shunned and left hungry on the streets by their own relatives out of fear of the disease. This seems no more a Christian reaction than attacking gays for causing Ebola, and would surely be a good area for church leaders to focus. Spiritual leadership does often mean swimming against the tide of social trends and culture…

As for us the flock, if our faith fails under fire maybe we need to rethink where we’re at - - - then again I’m safe at home, so it’s easy to talk.


Nobody’s guessing at anything.

You seemed to be insinuating there was a genocide against gays, so excuse me for misunderstanding you. Now you speak about Rwanda, this is known as going off topic. Furthermore, you are mentioning the acts of individuals and not of the Church.

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