Liberty students to return to campus

What could go wrong, a whole bunch of kids living in close proximity interacting with faculty and staff.

I hope parents decide to keep their kids home.

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Well Liberty is at the pinnacle of higher learning so maybe other schools should take note! :innocent:


They could if they have a reliable massive supply of face masks for everyone on campus including guests in addition to students and staff for months, constant cleaning, checking the temperature of everyone who steps onto the campus and everyone stays 4 square metres (I think that’s 36 square feet) apart from each other.
But for some reason I feel that’s not going to be the case.


Falwell is a great supporter of President Trump (which of course he is entitled to be)…I just hope politics isn’t involved in this decision and that no student dies…


Colour me red and blue with polka dots but somehow I think you may be right.

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Any bad result Jerry, Jr. will blame on leftists and Democrats. Nevertheless, I wish them well.

Hard to understand why.

I don’t see the point either. How foolish.

I guess like praying the gay away, you can pray the virus away.

Unbelievably irresponsible.


I think that would depend on the facilities there for treatment of students. Ultimately, probably most of them will get the disease. The real questions are when they will get it, how great an effect it will have on them, and whether there are sufficient resources to deal with it. Given that these are young, probably mostly healthy, people who would probably adhere to health precautions, it might not pose a greater risk to them than living at home and going to the gas station now and then.

Or the gays.

Some one at the Harvard School of public health noted that college dorms, in terms of living space, density, and ventilation are the land-locked equivalent o cruse ships. The occasional trip to the gas station, on the other hand, would be outdoors with social distancing. :roll_eyes:

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It doesn’t phase some people when they expose others to serious harm.
I have to admit, it is disappointing when those people espouse an affiliation with Christianity


I’m not a biblical scholar, but to the best of my recollection, Jesus never did tell us to avoid contact with the sick. Kind of seemed the opposite, but then, I’m not a biblical scholar, as I said a outrance.

Back then, they didn’t irrationally recommend crashing the leper colonies and hanging out.
Jesus didn’t like selfishness. The choice being spoken of risks others wellbeing

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Have you ever been to a college dorm? I’m glad my daughter found an apartment after she got her bachelors and when she started her second set of studies. The place she was living in had a shared bathroom for every four students. I cannot imagine how you could hope to keep such facilities sanitized. I didn’t particularly like it even then.

You left out the most important thing.
Spreading of infection

Lived in one for three years, then in an orphans’ home for two more. In both, any disease would go through the residents like spit through a tin horn.

Doing what these folks at Liberty are doing would not be my choice. Grandchildren of mine in Catholic colleges have been sent home. But given how many people with this disease are asymptomatic and given how people of this age are little affected, and further given that they’ll all be exposed sometime or other anyway, it may not be as irresponsible as it seems at first blush.

Liberty News

Liberty University refutes Gov. Northam’s false accusations

March 25, 2020 : Liberty University

Liberty University has been, and will continue to be, in compliance with all of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s directives, as well as all applicable federal guidance.

The Governor was quoting scripture today about Christian duty to protect our students. That’s exactly what Liberty has been laboring tirelessly to do over the last couple of weeks. We really think it’s un-Christian to turn students away and push any problems off on someone else. Most of our residential campus students are not in the Lynchburg area. Only about 10 percent of our residential students are currently here on campus. Many of those are international students who did not leave the country on Spring Break and have nowhere else to go. The Governor should understand that.

These students are in their living spaces attending classes and convocations online, not in classrooms or the Vines Center. They are getting their dining plan food by takeout instead of eating in the dining halls. The campus is fairly spacious and uncrowded, so they are spread out and observing social distancing. They are not working out in our fitness centers, not bowling in our bowling alley, not skating in the ice rink, and not engaging in our sports, intramurals, or student organization activities. Touchpoints across campus are being sanitized several times a day.

The Central Virginia Health District came to Liberty yesterday, Tuesday, March 24, for an unannounced inspection, and they did not find Liberty in violation of any of the State of Virginia’s Executive Order 53 – the Governor’s order that placed temporary restrictions on restaurants, businesses and gatherings. As Jim Bowles, the Environmental Health Manager for the CVHD stated:

“All operations appeared to be in compliance with the Governor’s emergency order, which becomes effective at midnight. We observed that all operations were carry-out only, no seating was provided, and onsite security guards — present at each location — were limiting the number of customers in line to 10.”

Our students are part of the Lynchburg community! They work jobs, have apartments, make economic contributions and pay taxes. That they should be banned or discouraged from choosing to utilize the shelter and food sources that they paid for in a time of crisis is unthinkable. The only Liberty students who are here are adult students who have concluded that this is the only place they have or it is the safest and best place to be, among what may be limited options for them. So yes, we welcomed them to stay and did not ban or discourage anyone from accessing their local food and shelter.

That anyone in the City of Lynchburg would welcome other college students from across the state — and indeed the world — to return “home” to Lynchburg but expect the drawbridge should be pulled up to deny entry to Liberty students illustrates the height of hypocrisy and scapegoating that is going on today.

We invite Governor Northam to come and see our compliance for himself . . .

This seems important. If it’s true.
I don’t have much confidence in Fawell Jr. but I have equally the same lack of confidence in the media treating Liberty University fairly.

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