Library of Congress classification


Okay, I know the Church is far better than the Library of Congress and it’s fallible organization, but, for the sake of the argument, assume that LOC is correct. Look at the section BX. It’s organized by timeline, and then alphabetical within. So it puts Orthodox Eastern Church before Catholicism in a timeline. Why would that be so, from a historical standpoint?

Any clarification would be cool :slight_smile: I had always thought Catholicism was the one that was traced back all the way to the beginning, and Eastern Orthodox came after the split. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Because, during the Cold War, in a subtle (but futile) attempt to improve relations with (largely Orthodox) Russia, the LOC rearranged the system to resemble what you now see.:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Interesting…:wink: and that really would explain it!

(I know it’s not well known, but can you point me in the right direction to a history of this subtle reorganization? I’m interested in history and Google isn’t turning anything up…and thanks! :D)


Christianity did start in the east and moved west. Maybe the BX category was designed to reflect it?

I never can find anything in an LC library, anyway. Dewey is the divinely given library system.





Agreed! :smiley: I work in a Dewey Library, thank goodness! But LOC at my university isn’t too bad…I like how it’s divided into religions, but Dewey makes more sense!


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