Library of Congress to archive Twitter posts

Personal, direct messages will not be archived.

God bless :slight_smile:

[quote=the article]The library insists it will emphasize tweets with “scholarly and research implications.”

Wow, I would hope so. With 50 million tweets every single day, the volume would be overwhelming, otherwise.

No matter what, it sounds stupid.

I still can’t figure out how exactly this “adds” to the Library of Congress. It seems like they’re archive stuff just for the sake of archiving stuff.

This sounds like a valuable archive that could be used by a wide variety of scientific disciplines to study trends, such as movie popularity, dissemination of various types of news, or how people interact online. It reminds me of this:

You don’t know if stuff is going to be important until years later. You know, maybe somebody becomes President, and a historian can cite their twitter down the road. With such a transitory medium, it isn’t like they can do it later, like with letters. If you don’t collect it now, its gone forever. Better to have tons of junk sitting in the Twitter pile than to say “Geez, I wonder what Joe Average-Man was thinking about back in his early days, before he became the greatest president in the history of the United States.”

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