Libya: Catholics are 'trapped and helpless' in Tripoli, says priest [CWN]


Catholics in Tripoli, Libya’s capital, fear they will be kidnapped if they leave their homes, according to the vicar of the city’s Franciscan community.Three years after NATO …



And now NATO and America view them simply as unavoidable collateral damage. We created this disaster and now they pay with their lives and not only theirs but hundreds of thousands of other innocent Christians and non-Muslim minorities.

We also need to be remindful that it was Britian, France, and the U.S. that created this monster back in 1919.

Linus2nd .


Tripoli had a Cathedral, pictured in the 1960’s, long since converted to a mosque.


Prayers said to Saint Augustine for all Christians being persecuted in North Africa.


Amen to that. We need peace and we need more people to convert to Christ and his Church, especially in this part of the world.


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