Libya Islamists Abduct 20 Egypt Christians


Islamist militants have abducted 20 Egyptian Christians in Libya in recent days, a source close to the government said Saturday.
The Ansar al-Sharia militia had kidnapped 13 of them Saturday in the coastal city of Sirte and the rest of them there over the past few days, the source said.
Their identity was not immediately clear, except that they were said to be Coptic Christians.


The Islamist sickness spreads.
This is something that the Egyptian government needs to respond to.


Holy Mary, Mother of God
spread the effect of grace of thy Flame of Love over all humanity
now and at the hour of our death

Our Lady of Fatima,
pray for us.


So much for the Arab Spring.


Or leading from behind.


I don’t know how much more of this evil I can stand.

This past year was story after story of violence and killings.


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