Libyan tv reporting qaddafi has fled

Libyan tv reporting Qaddafi has fled with two sons!/richardengelnbc/status/105004650461265920

Not confirmed

Rebels report fighting in at least three Tripoli neighborhoods

CNN: Mosque in Yefren calling for an uprising in Tripoli. Celebratory gunfire dotting the night sky

AJA: Qaddafi forces withdraw from Suq al-Juma, Tripoli; working class neighborhood in capital liberated

Blasts, Sustained Gunfire in Tripoli: Reuters Witness

If true, then hopefully it’'ll go a long way to help to stabilize the mid-east situation.

I truely hope so. Qaddafi has done inestimatable damage to the US; not by his plotting and financing international terrorism, but that he financed the Black Moslem movement from the 1960’s on with millions of dollars a year, in the hopes of causing massive civil unrest in our country. His hioes were foiled when Malcolm X split with the sect and became a convert to the Sunni form of Islam and brought numerous others with him. Non-the-less, Qaddafi did succeed in that he made Islam a significant presence in a Christian country.

More than likely just the opposite. Now begins the tribal war in Lybia.

More than likely just the opposite. Now begins the tribal war in Libya.

Libya: Anti Gadhafi fighters ‘on Tripoli streets’ - SkyNews

rebel commander tells NBC NEWS “Zero hour is beginning now”

top rebel commander in west can NOT confirm qaddafi has left…

You may be right, but lets see what happens; I’d rather have a positive view as opposed a pessimistic one.

Let’s pray for a peaceful ending soon.

I’d rather have a realistic view and be pleasantly surprised than have a positive one and be constantly disappointed.

Right now the best we can hope for is the quick formation of a junta strong enough to impose order.
Not likely since all the rebels have in common is hating Qaddafi plus we, the EU, UN and who-all else will be sticking their noses in.
Welcome to FUBAR-stan.

Once again we have a case of NATO and the West taking a bad situation and making it much worse. After Libya, Syria will be the next target.

Viewpoint: No easy endgame in Libya

Libyan Tribal Map: Network of loyalties that will determine Gaddafi’s fate

Rebels this morning made a formal request to NATO for more assistance in the assault upon Tripoli.

A correspondent for al-Jazeera TV has said Libyan rebels have captured the city of Tarhuna, 80km south-east of Tripoli.

BBC: Rebels have seized an army barracks at the western entrance to the capital, Tripoli, AFP news agency reports. Hundreds of rebel fighters entered the base some 27km from the capital on the road from Zawiya.

The AP news agency is also now reporting that rebels have captured the military base about 25km west of Tripoli. Their reporter travelling with the rebels said it was the base of the Khamis Brigade, commanded by Col Gaddafi’s son Khamis

The suburb of Tajoura in eastern Tripoli is now under the control of rebels, an eyewitness told the AFP news agency.

Regime admits they’ve lost the eastern suburbs.

Libyan national TV is asking all residences to use their roofs to shoot at rebels

Analysis: If Libyan rebels win, can they rule?

Gadhafi calls on Libyans to come from all regions to liberate Tripoli from the rebels - State TV via Reuters

Reuters FLASH: Gaddafi says he will not relinquish power, will win: state TV audio

Reuters FLASH: Gaddafi says he remains in Tripoli, will stay until the end: state TV audio

If you want to catch up read this analysis by Juan Cole:

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has called on Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to give up power and “immediately order those of his forces that are still loyal to a ceasefire, to put down their arms, to return to their barracks and make themselves available to the legitimate Libyan authorities”, AFP news agency reports.

The White House issued a statement “Qaddafi’s days are numbered.”

Here are some of the quotes from Muammar Gaddafi recently broadcast on al-Jamahiriyah TV: “I am with you in this battle; I am in your midst now. I am with you with my rifle. We will not surrender. We won’t ever abandon Tripoli to the colonialists and traitors. We will sacrifice Tripoli with our blood and our soul. We would sacrifice Libya with our blood and soul.”

The rebels approaching Tripoli from the west have entered the capital, an AFP reporter travelling with the rebels says.

Looks like they are trying to squeeze the Gaddafi forces. A map here:,13.217196&spn=0.076423,0.353879

The hotel the journalists are staying at is now in the middle of the battle:

Int’l Journos grouping together frantically trying to work out safest options as heavy gunfire crackles outside!/mchancecnn/status/105334589031067648

BBC: A fierce gun battle broke out near the hotel used by the foreign reporters in the centre of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, late on Sunday, a correspondent for the AFP news agency has said. Fighters loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, armed with Kalashnikov rifles, opened fire from the Hotel Rixos towards the east, although their target was not visible.

OppContact: Confirms by direct eyewitness, Aisha Gaddafi home in Nofleen has been entered by opposition fighters

Armed loyalists raise green Gadhafi flag in Rixos Hotel Lobby (where reporters are staying)

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