Libyan tv reporting qaddafi has fled

AJA breaking: opposition fighters say there are in full control of Mitiga AFB.

Sky News reporting the rebels coming in from the west are only 1Km from the city center. No resistance. A lot of people pouring out of their homes in support.

Al-Jazeera TV is reporting that Col Muammar Gaddafi’s personal security team have surrendered and disarmed

Rebel UK rep saying: Saif has been captured!

The head of the rebels’ Transitional National Council has told Al-Jazeera that Col Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam has been captured.

ALArabya: independence flag is flying on many government buildings in Tripoli

If true, this is significant. Saif is very influential in Gadhafi’s government, and at one time had been considered the heir-apparent.

It looks like the Regime is collapsing. Rumors are that Gaddafi is in Algeria or Sirte.

Al Jazeera has learnt that Gaddafi’s eldest son Mohammed has surrendered.

Libya’s rebel fighters will halt their offensive if Muammar Gaddafi announces his departure, the head of Libya’s rebel National Transitional Council said on Al Arabiya television on Sunday.

Mustapha Abd El Jalil added that the rebel forces would give Gaddafi and his sons safe passage out of the country.

For the man who made a hero out of Abdelbasset al-Megrahi, any news of his demise is good news. He is more cowardly than Saddam Hussein, but no less evil.

International Criminal Court confirms Saif al-Islam Gaddafi’s arrest by Libyan rebels

Most all of Tripoli taken now

Gilliam, In my opinion you are one of the most informed posters at this forum. Are you a reporter or an analyst? Carry on!

Latest from Obama on Libya:“We’re gonna wait 'til we get full confirmation on what is happening. I will make a statement when we do.”

Not either

Obama Statement on Libya: The White House press office just sent out this statement from President Obama on Libya:

HOORAH!!! Let it happen, the sooner the better. The tyrant in Syria stays in power only because of his being supported by Iran, which is the biggest threat to the Western powers.
The Mullahs there are embarked on a policy to re-unite with Iraq to resurect the Persian Empire. If they control that much oil and refinary capicity, they can, and will bring the Christian West to its knees. Have no doubt about it, and it will lead to nuclear war…especially when they can get one from their moslem brothers in Pakistan.

What Syria has done to its own citizens makes Kadaffi look like a boy scout.
Good that Obama and Clinton are no longer talking about Assad as the kind of reformer that we can work with.

This would be striking very close to the very heart of the Islamist beast though. Doing ot Assad what was done to Kaddaffi would be a big, big step, and nobody is going to be on board with that.

Just finally recognizing that Assad is not a reformer, but a murdering, torturing sob is a significant step forward for this American administration though. Failing waging yet another war, honesty and recognition of who the enemies of the people of the ME is all that is really, really needed.

Israel is not the problem, and sharia is not the solution.

CNN is reporting that 3 of his sons have been arrested. (i have not read through all the posts, so i apologize if someone has already reported this.)
what happens next?
iran is being very quiet. where are they in all of this?
the situation in the middle east to me, is going to continue to boil and will eventually explode. how it will end, i do not know.

Unfortunately, I fear that all is far from being over in Libya.

Don’t be surprised if Al-Qaeda now get’s a foothold in Libya, since they have a presence among the rebels

US, NATO were crucial, unseen hands in Libya fight

Well, there goes Libya. Expect it to become another basket case, like what happened to Afghanistan, Iraq and Egypt. Whatever happened to Egypt? “Liberated”? lol It’s now in the hands of the military, who will not give up their power. And the rebels in Libya are no better than those in Afghanistan and Iraq–loosely coordinated groups that soon turned against one another.

It seems people are now waking up to a grim reality–Libya under Kaddafi may not be the best, but at least it was fairly stable. Now it will become just another one of those failed “experiments” at “liberation”–and subsequently turning that nation into something far worse than what it was before.

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