Libyan tv reporting qaddafi has fled

Draft Sharia Law Constitution:

Another building block in the new Caliphate!

Almost there …

Chaos: Qaddafi’s heir apparent, allegedly captured yesterday by rebels, now back on the streets

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Posted picture of CNN reporter next to Saif Gaddafi on our Libya feed:

Cost of U.S. intervention in Libya? About the same as 3 days of war in Afghanistan -

Gaddafi troops retreating towards his hometown of Sirte - Al Jazeera reporter

Yes, we pray!
Peace, Carlan

Some recent news from the BBC:

Rebel forces have overrun Gaddafi’s Bab al-Aziziya compound. There are reports of pockets of fighting still going on there.
Bab al-Aziziya compound.

Rebels on the giant sculpture of a golden clenched fist crushing a US warplane, inside the Gaddafi compound. It commemorates a 1986 attack on Tripoli. It is inside the compound.

President Sarkozy of France and US President Barack Obama back holding a conference in Paris on international support for Libya - Reuters

Libyan rebel TV: “Our people in Tripoli. We seek freedom not revenge. Tripoli. (Exercise) forgiveness when in a position to forgive.”

Pentagon spokesman Dave Lapan says the US believes Col Gaddafi is still in Libya, Reuters reports. He says the US is monitoring Libya’s chemical weapons sites.

Humanitarian update: Robin Waudo of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Tripoli that there are increasing numbers of casualties. “Some of the medical facilities are being overwhelmed, because the medical workers are not able to come in due to the security situation,” he told the BBC World Service.

“I am alive and healthy, I am in Tripoli and do not intend to leave Libya. Do not believe the lying reports by Western television companies,” Interfax quotes Gaddafi as saying.

:popcorn: i am not sure if this will ever come to an end.

More nonsense, what a surprise. Look at the leaders of the Libyan Rebels. Are they a bunch of Ayatollahs and Islamists? No, most of them are frmer generals or officials in the Qadaffi regime who broke off. I’m telling you, this ‘new Caliphate’ nonsense will never happen. Balkanization, the disintegration of states in the middle-East, is more likely than the consolidation of them.

Ayatollahs are Shiites. Libyan is Sunni

Some of the rebels are Islamists some are Berbers, most all of them are young and uneducated.

One thing that occurs to me is that Gaddafi may fight to death (and others like him will do likewise) is that if he flees he may very well wind up in the Hague facing trial.

In the bad old days even the worst dictator (think Idi Amin) had the option of fleeing with suitcases of cash & bullion, not to mention Swiss bank accounts and living in comfortable exile.

No more.

I don’t think Gaddafi has any misconception that he would not be killed in excile if he fled.

As for how long this lasts, it depends a lot on the Gaddafa tribe.

Rebel leader Mahmoud Jabril said earlier that reports of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi’s arrest, belied by his appearance in central Tripoli last night, gave the rebels an advantage. Here’s a quote: “Word of his capture had given us a big military and political advantage. Many soldiers surrendered to the rebels.”

I hope and pray that this leads to democracy and peace throughout the Middle East. Unfortunately, I really don’t see that happening. Places like Saudi Arabia have such a tight grip on their citizens that it isn’t even funny. Place like Saudi Arabia don’t even have the slightest amount of religious freedom. Islam is the only legally allowed religion in Saudi Arabia and I find that to be incredibly sad.

Why so negative in everything? always looking on the dark side!
We are Christians , can we not rejoice with these people for their freedom,and rather pray rosaries for a successful democracy?
Peace, Carlan

Tribal social organization and tribal government might be a good interim step toward modern liberal democracy. Fact is, I’ve read writings by Special Forces people in Iraq who say that we’d get our way with those people (Islamic peoples in Middle East and southern Asia) a lot more often if we were willing to work with and within the parameters of tribal government and social organization than if we just continue to pretend it doesn’t exist.

But to do that, it’ll take a lot of education and self-restraint on our part, at all levels.

I’m surprised that Qaddafi took the cowardly way out. I would have expected him to go out in a blaze of glory. But that is all you can expect from a terrorist.

Well, ALL of North Africa used to be Christian.

But they ALL got wiped out by the Muslims.

That might be TPC, but I don’t think it’s factually accurate. I think they were Monophysite Christians, and the inherent contradictions of Monophysitism weakened their faith and made them more susceptible to conversion by an outwardly dynamic faith like Islam.

So Muslims can’t live under a democracy, they have freed themselves of a murderous dictator.Do you actually think they will settle for the same now.Give them a break, and we believe in a world now where we are free to believe and live our religion so let’s practice what we preach. Peace, Carlan

Actually, Khadaffi wasn’t all that bad.

You shoulda experienced Idi Amin!

OR, try living in Zimbabwe for a while! Which is the economic model for the present U.S. administration … you can get a lot of control with unlimited crony thuggishness. Power from the barrel of an AK-47!! Endorsed by Che Guevara!!

AND, if you like the Muslim Brotherhood, you will LOVE living in Iran! Women, especially.

CNN and BBC journalists confirm they have been freed from Rixos hotel in Tripoli after days of captivity by Gadhafi loyalists!!!

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