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Hey all,

Having just left the BMV I must say I’m a bit disheartened. I had intended to claim AGAPE on my license plate although it has clearly been claimed!

Now I have no ideas for a Christian or Catholic license plate.

If you have any suggestions or ideas as to how to make agape work feel free to share!

Thanks :slight_smile:

What about AGGAPE or AGAPPE?

Or you could start looking for other words or phrases that might work. Do you have a favorite bible verse that might be adapted?

Perhaps add a number, AGAPE2

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Venerable Bishop Fulton Sheen favored putting JMJ (for Jesus, Mary and Joseph) on his black board before writing anything.

Asked my sisters for some ideas as well, they suggested: Holy1 or BlessU (B1essU)


Unless you have some kind of voucher, why not take the extra money for a vanity plate and donate it and get a bumper sticker? Even in the cheapest state with a one-time fee it’s still around $50. In some states it’s in the hundreds to get it and an extra fee each year to “maintain” it.


@Xanthippe Don’t most states charge an extra fee for special vanity plates to support a worthy cause? In Vermont it goes to the local wildlife conservation or watershed fund.

In my state, you pay the usual annual license fee, plus an additional annual fee for the cause that the person is supporting.

It doesn’t cost that much, in my opinion.

The donation/charitable part is tax deductible, if a person itemizes on their taxes.

If you’re getting special plates for the first time, there is a small additional fee, plus the other costs. Then after that, you just pay the annual fee plus the yearly contribution part of the cost.

The exception to these costs might be hobby or collector plates where the fees might be higher for something like that. Someone would have to check with their DMV office on that, to be sure of the fees on those types of plates.

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