License To Launder Cash: Cops And The Cartels

This is a good series of articles regarding an entire Florida police department that was busted for laundering money for drug cartels.

The articles are at the link.

Doesnt surprise me, I have a feeling just like the 1980s ‘cocaine cowboys’ in southern FL, and all the related corruption, down the road, we will find the same thing is happening with the south western states, Mexico, Mexican cartels bringing in heroin, meth, etc thru CA, AZ, TX.

Same thing that happened back in the 80s with Cocaine, its no different, whenever there is THAT much profit potential, many people are going to be corrupted.

This is exactly why I think there is so strong of a push by our law enforcement agencies to keep ALL drugs illegal, this keeps the money and crime rolling in, which of course equals more jails, more arrests, more seizures, etc etc. The DEA is probably the most corrupt agency there is.

The more government can intervene into our lives the more opportunity there is for corruption. The drug war has been a boon for the state and its agents.

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