License to Wed

Ok, despite my initial inclination to avoid this movie after Robin William’s disgusting and ignorant comments about the Catholic priesthood, I saw License to Wed today.

For the sake of not spoiling too much of the movie for any potential viewers, let me just say that the movie does seem to start with the right premise, and its heart is in the right place throughout the duration of the film. Unfortunately, those wishing to see an authentic representation of TotB, chastity, etc will be sorely disappointed. In fact, for a movie that seemed so keen on showing the priest/ Christian teaching in a positive, attractive light, it sticks far too much to the superficial aspects of relationships. Unlike Evan ALmighty, (which I thought did an excellent job as a “crash course” on certain Christian theological concepts while simultaneously being funny, this movie often misses the mark (or rather just misses good opportunities) for both teaching moments and laughs.

Alright, I’m tired and that’s all I can think of at the moment. Did anyone else see it?

What did he say? :confused:

Don’t worry about spoiling the movie for me! It was never a consideration to go see it for a couple of reasons. First, I don’t care for Robin Williams and second, I very rarely go to the movie theatre. The movies I like are made once in a great while:shrug: , like The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Last of The Mohicans, The Patriot. The last movie I saw at the theatre was The Passion of The Christ!:slight_smile:

You do not want to know…

Robin Williams isn’t a Catholic priest in the movie is he? I hough he was some sort of protestant and thats why I didn’t understand his wearing of the Roman Collar. If I’m wrong please correct me.

I’m pretty sure he’s supposed to be Catholic.

I really like(d) Robin Williams, but I’m not going to touch this movie with a 30 foot pole.

The fact that he is styled as “Reverend Frank” pretty much indicates he isn’t supposed to be a Catholic Priest.

As to the Roman Collar, other denominations wear the Roman Collar, especially in the tab collar form. Anglican/Episcopal Priests and Orthodox Priests can be seen wearing it and I’ve even seen some Lutherans go that route as well.

And, since we’re talking about popular media, sometimes Rev. Lovejoy in the Simpsons wears a Roman Collar :slight_smile:

And for those who are unaware…

I used to be a big Robin Williams fan, however after reading that article, I am now ready to change my posistion on that.

I was ready to see this movie, but this thread changes my mind.

he is a Lutheran minister

See that? All over the board. A Lutheran who wears a Roman Collar and is styled as “Reverend” where most Lutherans go by “Pastor.”

I’d see the movie for the simple reason that I don’t take this as an attack on Catholicism. The premise at least sounds funny. Sadly, no matter what denomination they chose to make “Reverend Frank” it would offend somebody. I think their “generic Christian Minister” approach was probably a smart move in that respect.

And unfortunately I cannot screen movies based upon my compatibility with the stars of the movies. Otherwise I’d have to start refusing to do business with other companies based upon the political and religious views of businesses and quite frankly, I enjoy eating bagels from a Hasidic bakery despite their belief that I am a polytheistic pagan.

I would have to assume that the movie creators banked on the premise that people would lthink he was a Catholic priest, until they get to the movie and find out otherwise.

Once again, it was widely advertised that Robin William’s character was called “Reverend Frank.” That, coupled with the fact that the most widely used clerical shirt is the Roman Collar tab shirt, I think we are coming to some hefty conclusions about the intent of the filmmakers.

Ummm priest are considered “Reverends” as times as well.

Here, see our Staff page at our church, does this mean that our Priest is not a priest?

Reverend is a general term of a person in charge of a religion.

shudders at the phrase “person in charge of a religion”

However, you are partially correct. Priests are titled as “Reverend Father.” As such, in writing a Catholic Priest would write his name as “Rev. John Doe” or “Rev. Fr. John Doe” or sometimes just “Fr. John Doe.”

However, Catholic Priests are never styled as “Reverend” in speech. You will never find an occasion where it is acceptable to simply call your parish priest “Rev. Steve” that is a Protestant thing entirely.

As such, when I saw billboards with the tag line “Until they met Reverend Frank” I knew that the character was not intended to be a Catholic Priest.

Actually I thought he was supposed to be an Anglican in the movie. I caught a small piece of one of the interviews of Robin Williams on the Today show and he said something about being
"an Anglican, you know Catholic lite".

Brenda V.

On a scale of -10 to 10, I would give it an 8.3.

6.5/10 for me.

I was looking forward to seeing it until RW’s meltdown on Leno… now I refuse to go and have my hard earned $$ support such a jerk!

My stomach turns while watching the previews, so I scratched off my list immediately.

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