licit Marriage


I have a neice who is getting married by a priest in a schismatic church. It’s one of the Old catholic or Old American catholic churches. I know the marriage will be illicit but will it be valid?:shrug: – She had planned to get married in her own parish but she and her fiance do not want to wait six months. I will be running into the same problem with another considering to do the same. Any observations?:confused:


If your niece or her fiance is catholic, the marriage will be invalid because lack of form. Catholics, unless dispensed by the Bishop are required to follow the catholic form of marriage, which includes it being witnessed by a deacon or priest.

My wife and I did what your niece plans to do for the same reason. When I became catholic, we had to have it convalidated before I could be confirmed. I wish we had gone through the pre cana classes. I think it would have made our marriage stronger in the early months and years.

Good luck, I will keep you and your nience in my prayers.


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