Lie about how I met a new friend .. Is this a sin?


I have been really lonely lately and wanting to go out and be more social. I also am single and getting older and want to get married, so I want to go out so I could possibly meet someone. My one closest friend who is also single barely wants to go out. Long story short, I signed up on an online dating site that I had signed up before on, but I really wanted to meet a girl friend who I could go out with. I know it seems weird, but I felt desperate to meeting a new friend.

Anyway, I ended up meeting a girl on the site who is same nationality as myself, and we got along real well. We both want to hang out again. My sister and I both live at home (until we get married), and we talk about things and I don’t want to lie to her, but I n ow she will most likely ask if I go out on the weekend who I’m going with. She didn’t ask this past weekend, which I was hoping she didn’t, but she will if I go again or continue going out which I plan to do. I don’t want to lie to her, but if she asks would if be wrong if I said a girl who I met at the place where I really hung out at with? That was my first time meeting her there, but technically we met eachother online. I don’t want to tell her I messaged her or went online to meet a friend, but I hate lying.


You don’t have to give all the details to everyone who asks. Even if it’s family. Just say you’re going to meet a friend and leave it at that. If the questions persist,firmly tell that person that it really is none of their business. That it’s just a friend, end of discussion. After all, that’s all it is at this point.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with online dating,lots of people do it.

If I were in your position I would say to your sister that the new relationship in it’s embryonic stages at the moment and you will tell her in due course if it develops in to anything.

If she continues to ask,you ignore her.



And how would you feel if you were the sister who cared about her brother? Would you like being snubbed so rudely?

OP, is there a reason why you wouldn’t just tell your sister where you met your friend? Lots of people meet through online services because they can’t meet someone in their regular social circles. If you assure her you are aware of the possible dangers (which, btw, are the same as if you met someone random at a club or art gallery) then she shouldn’t have any objections. Even if you think she wouldn’t be understanding, don’t lie to your sister. It will weigh on your mind and you won’t be comfortable around her. Then when you do finally tell the truth she’ll wonder why you didn’t tell her in the first place.

And yes, lying is always a sin.


“And how would you feel if you were the sister who cared about her brother? Would you like being snubbed so rudely?”

If I ask a question that I know is unwelcome I don’t ask it a second and subsequent times.


You did literally first meet this girl in the place you mention,
however as the truth is that you encountered each other on an online dating site will possibly eventually emerge, you could consider getting that done with.

You feel somewhat embarrassed, but two of my family members found their spouses online, and it makes no difference to anyone’s perception of them or their marriage relationship. It is perhaps more unusual to find a friend rather than a possible partner, but why not!

These days we are not always likely to meet our future possible spouses or friends in the more traditional ways, and it can be quite clever to allow ourselves a wider possible choice, and therefore the chance of finding the most suited person, on an online dating service, someone we might never have had the chance of finding in the limited circles we may move in. It is also a medium through which we can find a friend as you have done.

It would be ungracious of anyone to tease you, so you may of course wish to delay sharing the information, but please don’t be embarrassed. You have no need to be, though of course you are entitled to your privacy.

God bless your new friendship, and God bless your family.


Question to the OP.

Are you female with a sister who does not like to go out much and you met another girl to go out with and you feel like you are snubbing your sister? the lie would be that you actively were seeking out someone to hang out with behind her back.

If this is the case, you can invite her along, if she is a homebody she will decline.

or are you male and feel like your sister would not approve of your choice of going on an online dating site? the lie would be the dating site.

If this is the case, I would just tell her the truth.


As others have noted – one need not give all the info (just a girl I met…)

But one is not to lie of course. Yes lying is a sin.


You DID meet your new lady friend at that place. The fact that you previously coordinated online to meet face-to-face for the first time doesn’t negate that truth. So you truthfully may say we met at (place of first meeting). If you want to share that you had previously corresponded online, that is your prerogative. I don’t consider any online correspondence to be “meeting” anyone unless and until it involves an actual face-to-face meeting. I know many others think that way, too. Even in a world where social media is so prevalent and ubiquitous, you cannot really know any person until you spend time in their presence. So, if you want to be discreet about your use of the internet to facilitate your initial meeting, in my opinion, that would not be lying.


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