Lie in confession.

I went to confession as ig would be the last chance before christmas for me although i did not feel in mortal sin i had communion on sunday. When i confessed an embarrassing si the oriest asked me if i had commited this sin before and i said no. It was a face to face confession and i was a little scared hiwever i had committed this sin before and had confessed it a previous time. Did i destroy my whole confession as i lied ir is it fine as it was just a question . It was the longest confession i ever had as we were alone and there was chatting also. However if i wasnt in mortal sin which i dont believe i was what position am i in now?


I think not for two reasons

You did confess the sin both time and were granted absolution.

The question Father asked was along the lines of being able to perhaps provide a suggestion on how to avoid that particular sin in the future. While it was wrong to lie; IMO, it does not in this instance affect the validity of your Confession.

Pray much and don’r lie ever:)


You can bring this matter back to the same Priest…tell him what you told us…

As i had said - do not lie in a Confession. That would be the last place to lie and it defeats the whole purpose of why you want to go for Confession in the first place.

I can understand why you did that … but remember a priest who hears your confession would have heard worse. What can possibly be worse that you can get, a heavier penance?

In fact after all is done in an open and honest Confession, after you said your penance, nothing is remembered of it. You are a new person and get on with your life enjoying the great joy of freedom of being absolved of your sins.

As for that episode in your OP, your priest will be able to advise you on it. On the surface it seems you just committed a new sin of lying in that Confession but let the priest advises you.

God bless.

Don’t be scared or embarrassed to tell the Priest anything because man they’ve heard it all!

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