Lies, Damned Lies, and Alyssa Milano

“For many years, those of us in the pro-life camp assumed that if we could simply demonstrate that prenatal life is human life , we would win the argument. We were wrong. The biological proof that abortion ends the life of a child hasn’t made a dime’s worth of difference to many abortion-advocates. The fact that abortion is the intentional taking of a human life is not considered the most relevant point nor even a relevant point.

What is relevant? Choice.”


We must pray for her.


Very sad! :cry:


Well then, the mass murderers are only exercising their right to choose
But the nation’s collective undergarments are all in a bunch over what to do about the .001% of firearms that are used in violence. Gotta ban them all! Where’s the “choice” in that?

So it seems that some choice is better than other choice.

What utter hypocrisy by the pro-death camp.


We Christians need to show women that there is a better choice than choice.


It’s part of the bigger scheme to turn towards socialism. Take the guns away then citizens won’t have recourse to fight back once government takeover of all aspects
of our lives has occurred.They did that in Germany.


The reflex to “choice” is revealing.
I think it reveals intellectual laziness that numbs the moral sense. To do moral evaluations, you have to recognize and face reality as it is, and then evaluate your actions honestly. Reflexing to choice avoids that work.

Choice also reveals our culture’s thirst of license of all kinds. Sexual license. License to use power over others. Which is shocking considering that the 20th century was the bloodiest in human history, and still we can’t restrain ourselves.

We really have a huge stupidity and vice problem.


If we are willing to restrict choice for the greater good then that would apply also to guns.

EDIT for clarity.

It seems that the cultural anger and hostility has been turned inward.

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How so? Restricting abortion works on those who seek abortions – men, women who love their children and so on would be unaffected.

But “gun control” works on everyone – except the criminals.


If you’re referring to my comment as being hostile, ok…your opinion.

I am merely pointing out that we have a culture that, generally speaking, has lost the ability to

  1. observe well
  2. and reason well

And the loss of reason leads to chaos, vice, oppression (like abortion), sin…
And I will include myself as a participant in this culture of ignorance and vice.
If the term stupidity is too vulgar, maybe I should retract in favor of something more genteel. The topic is genteel after all, isn’t it…

I think you’ve misunderstood @po18guy. It’s nothing to do with you personally.

Referring to the full text of your post to which he was replying, I gather that he meant that in the 20th Century, there were wars and genocides against others. Now, in the 21st Century, people and societies are destroying themselves, sometimes physically as in suicide, abortion (and contraception), and euthanasia, but also politically, economically, and spiritually.


Exactly right.

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Not so fast! Any physical object, any created matter, from radon to rutabagas, is morally neutral. Indeed, the Church recognizes and teaches that we have a grave duty to protect innocent life.

Abortion kills. Period. It is not choice; it is not freedom; it is not a right. It is license.

Firearms, 99.999% of which are never used in any crime, are frequently used to defend and save lives. Section 2265 and following in the catechism explains this clearly.

Someone or something, wants the public to view inanimate objects as evil in and of themselves. This reasoning is consistent with the argument that every male is a potential rapist. Do we propose castrating all males?

Explain the difference.

What we have is a crisis of suicidal (and thus, homicidal) members of a culture which suffers from blood lust. Where did our Lord teach that evil comes from? Swords? No! He allowed the Apostles to have swords - even at the last supper! Rather, evil comes from the human heart, but our cowardly society is afraid to call things what they are.

Finally, please explain the rationale for penalizing the innocent due to the actions of the guilty. Is it that old “all men are rapists” thing again?

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What people don’t realize is how damaging Hollywood culture is to child actors, how insulated Hollywood people are in their little bubble and how much they are so sure they’re right.

And people don’t realize the pressure put on people who want to make it in show biz, and then when you “make it”, the enormous pressures to stay there. The demands to conform.

There’s a reason why so many child actors go off the rails so badly. Most of the Christian child actors who manage to hold on to their faith (against enormous odds) tend to drift away from the business.
Or are simply shut out.

That’s why I can’t judge these child stars too harshly. They grow up in a world we can’t even imagine, being simultaneously worshiped and driven to succeed higher and higher. They’re subjected to forces worse than most fully grown adults have to deal with and at the same time, exposed to ideas they don’t have the cognitive ability to sort out.

This story is so sad in every way.


Oh. LOL. real loud.

Problem with the ideology of choice is it allows us to be judge, jury, and executioner. This burden (of being judge, jury, & executioner) is then placed upon a human being who is loaded with hormone’s and has heighten emotions. This is a contrary ideology to the foundation of our legal system which separates judges, juries, and executions.

“Choice” is the Trojan Horse” to abortion. How many laws or bills were rejected because they dared to suggest giving women scientific information about the “fetus” (small baby). Science be damned when it comes to unwanted children. We pray the Rosary everyday to open the hearts and minds of those who insist abortion is a right of all women. God help those who are a party to an abortion(s). Especially the doctors who have the scientific knowledge to know better and still carry on with human sacrifices. They have a lot of blood on their hands. Pray, pray , Mass and the Eucharist.
God Bless

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“Milano concludes that if she had not aborted the two babies in question, her “life would be completely lacking all its great joys.” It’s unclear how she arrives at this certainty, although she does say that bringing a baby to term would have devastated her acting career.”

The un-inhibited focus on self exhibited by Ms. Milano is - well, it’s breathtaking. I’m a really, really selfish person, but I at least have the decency to try to cover it up (from time to time - my camouflage is far from perfect).

Having said that, one gift of children is that they have a tendency to be an antidote - although not perfect by any means - to selfishness. Said another way - I never knew how selfish I really was until I had children.

And now - since they’re all grown (mostly) - I’m going to take a nap. And maybe - I’ll even go watch a movie - at a movie theater - at some point. Because I can. So there.


There are key differences in the abortion debate versus the gun debate.

Abortion is the taking of an innocent human life and is in its very nature gravely wrong. Period.

Simply owning a gun is not in its very nature wrong. In practice, a government can decide how stringently they want to regulate gun ownership and it’s a sliding scale, not an all or nothing issue like abortion. (I do support reasonable firearm regulations, by the way).

So comparing the two issues is very much apples-to-oranges.

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