Life Chain Stretches Across U.S. for 22nd Year

Hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers and Christians in over 1,450 cities nationwide lined sidewalks Sunday to peacefully protest abortion.


Did anyone see this story on the TV news or secular newspapers? I didn’t.

I’ve read (but can’t say for sure) that annual events don’t get covered by the national media. The local media may pick up the story as a local interest, but its up to the organizers to make the story known. A search of Google News shows 70 or so news items, which is less than one make expect. On the other hand, if the chain passes through relatively few cities maybe this isn’t surprising.

Here is one story, from Nebraska:

We had fewer than last year, very bad weather played a part.

Those of you who did not have Life Chain in your town, start now to plan for next year :thumbsup:

We had lousy weather too but we had thousands on the street in Niagara falls Canada as well as in all larger cities in Canada,but not one peep on the news.We’re the remnant remember?

Isn’t the Niagara Falls Review a local newspaper? It seems that some news coverage was provided, although, granted, less than you might want.

Dale,thanks for pointing that out.I live in Port Colborne,Ontario and while we are approx 20 miles from the Falls I had not seen that article.Again,thank you.:thumbsup:

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