life change

Everything is changing, I am saying all my goodbyes here in Florida and wrapping up business and will be making the move North mid-week (I pray).

I will be contacting Catholic Charities in my new location, where I don’t know a soul, to continue post-abortion trauma counseling and try to hook up with a Catholic counselor. I sense my time in the psych world is done–I will only need to see a psychiatrist every three months or so for medication.

Finding a PCP doctor and a psychiatrist (and possibly a neurologist), and DENTAL CARE! which is costly, will be my biggest practical concerns once I settle into an apartment.

I will always love my husband. I will be 40 minutes from my son, and my mother and father. My understanding is that, although the marriage was not valid, our relationship as husband and wife is, and was, things just got very mixed up. The legal tie needs to and will be broken–court date in about 30 days and then it’s over, we’ve settled about the money and property, and he is being very kind as far as immediate personal and financial help with the move. I am VERY concerned for his relationship with my son, and praying HARD for them, as well as trying to help them both understand about Daniel and Franciesca, their children/siblings in Heaven–my mother and father too.

The reality of the move is upon me, will be blooking flights, etc. tomorrow, have to go it alone as my mother would only inerfere; however I trust with regard to those relationships, I’ll leave it at that.

Learning to pray the rosary, my Project Rachel counselor gave me a colorful little plastic one, together with many wonderful gifts both substantial and soul-wise, she is an older lady, I will miss her. I will miss Florida, I will miss hearing the Catholic radio station, it’s still a wonderful surprise, 16 years later, every time I step in the car and the radio is on and tuned to the station.

Many arrangements, many goodbyes, SCARED! The song that’s playing through my mind is “Stay by my side, If you leave me I will die…”

God bless this site and all the help I have received here in bringing my time in Florida to a sensible conclusion, great spiritual progress.

Please pray.

God Bless you.


As a fellow person going through a similar situation, I’m praying! :gopray2:

May the Love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus be with you! I will pray for you.

Praying for you, Lynne Helen, as you are facing a new beginning. You will remain on my prayer list. May you always feel the presence of our Lord with you. God bless you.


Wow!! God be with you, my sister in Christ!! I do not know you, but our souls will meet some day in Eternity! Be assured of my prayers…I know God’s hand is guiding your new chapter, your new beginning. Yes, God will stay by your side and will never leave you. All He asks for in return is your trust and your love. Your friendship. Always remain His precious Child with childlike faith and trust and He will see you through :slight_smile: My heart is embracing yours at this moment. God Bless!!!

Dear Lynnehelen, be sure I’m praying that everything will resolve according to your temporal and spiritual welfare and happiness, and for that of your son and each of your family.
I’m thankful for your courage and how far you have come in the long period of struggling that you have emerged from. As a friend and sister in Christ, I’m proud of you, and very thankful to the Lord.
May God continue to bless and to lead you.

God bless you and keep you lynnehelen! Trust in Him and know that He is bringing you to the place He wants you to be. It may not be apparent now, but down the road you’ll be able to look back and say, “Oh yeah! Now I see it!!”
Prayers offered.

Lynnehelen, I pray that God continues to guide, guard, and protect you as you make this life change. I oray that He bkesses you with the graces you need and provides for your needs, both temporal and spiritual. I pray that you will be surrounded by family and loved ones who can be a constant source of support and strength for you. May you make new friends who will help you in your spiritual growth. I pray that you are able to get the medical and dental care you need at prices that are not stratospheric. God bless you always, my friend…

Mother Mary, I commend Lynnehelen to you. Please help her to pray her Rosary faithfully, as it is a most powerful weapon against the devil. Guide and protect her as she makes her move North. May God grant her peace and many blessings at her new residence. Amen.

I am praying that God Bless you that everything will work out great!

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,The Lord is with Thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women, and
Blessed is the Fruit of thy womb Jesus.
Holy Mary Mother of God,
Pray for us Sinners, now and at the our of death. Amen

Keep your head up, Believe Miracles do happen, God Bless you:)

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