Life changing daily rosary

How many of you Catholics say the rosary frequently? After many many years away from the church I now say the rosary daily and it’s been a life changer. Some of the sins I used to commit chronically have virtually disappeared. Talk about your own experiences with the rosary.


Not the rosary for me, but I do have a rosary ring (Basque ring?) that I use to say the Jesus prayer, OF, Glory Be, and other short prayers. I totally agree with you–on days I use the rosary ring for an extended period of time it’s much easier to avoid common pitfall sins.

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I’m a once a week - rosary guy.
Such are my circumstances.:neutral_face:

well, i pray the Rosary frequently; it is life changing

i wouldn’t know how to get by without it…

the company that rents me audio books is thrilled

i used to listen to audio books (in the car) both to & from work

now i do so only the way home
they send me books only half as often (for the same yearly fee)

and i get the benefit of both…


Yeah I say the Jesus prayer throughout the day as well.


When I came back to the Church 9 years ago, I had forgotten alot. I was away for almost 40 years. I decided to get back into prayer with the rosary but couldnot remember how to say it. Icot a book called “Pray the Rosary Every Day”. It took awhi;le before I get to everyday but for the last 4 years, my wife and I have only mossed saying the rosary together 1/2 a dozen timesat most. It has enriched our prayer life andcertainly mademe a better person.



I recite it daily usually following evening prayer


It will be 2 years in July that I have been praying the rosary daily. (I can barely finish novenas and usually don’t so this is a huge deal for me.) Some old chronic sins aren’t a problem anymore, a few stubborn ones are still here though, still working on those.

But the main thing I notice is a decrease in my depression and anxiety, both of which I have had for 30+ years. Praying the rosary daily has been beneficial to my mind and emotions. Old hurts have been healed. It has helped me process the death of loved ones. I am more trusting of God, Jesus, and Mother Mary. I feel like they are a part of my life and I am a part of theirs. I feel connected to them in a way that I didn’t before, I feel like I know them better. Like how the more you sit and visit with someone and they tell you about their life, the more you know them. It’s just like that.


Glad that it has made an impact on you!

Be a little cautious because not everyone will have the same consolations from praying the Rosary.

Daily Rosaries and frequent Confessions delivered me from grave, habitual sin. I say delivered because I quickly had no desire to pursue or entertain these actions- it was like losing your taste for a certain food or music. The power of a daily Rosary cannot be overstated, in my opinion. I also have no doubt my father’s countless Rosaries helped bring me back to the Church after 15+ years.


I have a rosary ring too! It’s nice to wear it on your finger because it is a good reminder to keep on praying always.:grinning::rofl:

I can say that saying a daily Rosary has been life changing for me. I have gotten much closer to Mary and to Jesus through this habit, and I have a greater sense of peace every day. I also believe it does good for the world’s salvation (e.g. Fatima’s requests) and even if I do nothing worthwhile the rest of the day I have the satisfaction I’ve done this one little thing to help.


I recommend you read the book “secrets of the rosary” its fascinating.


I’ve been praying the rosary every day for about two years now. I don’t know if it’s “helped” me, but I won’t stop to find out.

you will see the benefit

i’d’ve expected that you have had to have had understood the benefit that is it is already happening in your life

otherwise; you would’n’t’ve continued to say the rosary

I pray every day and have all my life,I think it is a beautiful devotion and powerful :slight_smile:

I recite the Rosary with parishioners at daily morning Mass, then at home through EWTN, and in the evening if I can. It’s true what Padre Pio said, that the Rosary is the weapon for these (evil) times. “And when you say Our Father, God’s ear is next to your lips.” (St Andre Bessette)

I don’t pray the rosary. Never have and probably never will.

In 1992, I was sitting in church praying the rosary quietly on a weekday afternoon. As I prayed, I heard a loud thumping noise behind me. It was a number of people clumsily lugging in wooden crates from the parking lot. As I tried to concentrate on my prayers, they started loudly dragging the crates to all locations around the church. Then they opened them and started assembling various parts. It became clear they were assembling a giant rosary with beads the size of basket balls. I continued to struggle to pray, surrounded by this monstrosity and the ensuing noise, closing my eyes tightly to avoid this circus-like sight. But suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder. A man from the “Traveling Rosary” group informed me I would have to leave my church because they were about to pray the rosary and it was a “private event.”

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