Life does go on!


Now that I sit back and think about my life I have really come a long way. And I thank all those people who have made an impact in my life in this forum. With all the advice that they have given me.

I am proud and happy to say that I am not a broken women anymore. It has been a process but LIFE DOES GO ON. And we need to except that. We get knocked down so many times but that does not mean that we cannot get up and dust ourselves off and move on with our lives. I allow the hurt, pain and suffering that happened in my marriage to consume and destroy me. But look at me today. I am better and I thank God for that because I allowed him in my life those feelings of rejection, loneliness, hurt, pain and disappointment are gone.

Time does heal all wounds and as I look back on my life this was meant to be. I marriage was over a long time ago a part of me did not except that but as I look back it was meant to be.

The divorce is not final yet but he and the teenager are living together. The 7 month old baby does not even stay with them but with her family in another town that is about 10 hours away. And they work together in the same shop and live together but they are not even bringing up their child somebody else is. It is as if he has forgotten what family is if he can walk out on his wife and two kids. Now he is not even staying with that child. That is something that I would never do is leave my small baby for somebody else to look after. Is she so desperate for a man that she will leave her baby so faraway to be with a man that is not even divorced yet. It is sad and I look back and say to myself did I really love this man. Did I really try to committ suicide because of the relationship that they have.

He lost out on the best thing that ever happened to him. His children the life we could have had if he was willing to change his verbal and abusive ways but he was not. Maybe this girl is his soul mate as they are both so shallow and selfish and care about their own needs. And he will never do to her the things that he did to me. He is molding her to be the kind of women that he wants.

But to all those people out there LIFE DOES GO ON. Don’t stay knocked down pick yourself up from that floor and move on with your life. In life everybody makes mistakes but they are not mistakes they are lessons and we should learn from those lessons. And remember that we are all very special people God does not make trash. Don’t have hatred, resentment for anybody because you are not only blocking your own blessings but you are allowing those people to control your life and who you are. People look at me today and say that they cannot believe that I am the same person that I was a year ago. Now I am ready for the next level in my life. Have faith in God, believe in him and everything happens in his time not ours in his time.


:amen:** I am happy that you have found peace in your life and that you continue to discern God’s wil for your life!**

God Bless,



I am so proud of you for getting back up and forgiving these people who caused so much pain in your life. I truly believe you are a future saint :slight_smile: Even though I don’t have horrible problems in my life, you are an absolute inspiration!! Your attitude about this and your trust in God is going to be SO beneficial not only to your own soul, but to your kids as well.


I am so happy to hear that you are doing better and happier. What a miracle the Lord has given you? I can tell my sister is almost where you are at also. She is in acceptance and wants to move all, if her ex and his wife will just stop going to court for everything. After the last court date and she thought it was all over, I remember her saying that it was time for her to be happier and go one with her life. The ex wants to go back to court and disagreed with the judges ruling, but that is another mess. When this is all done and I hope soon, I hope she will adjust as you have and have a closer relationship with God.

You have been an inspiration for us all.


That is so great! I’m glad things are getting better for you. God Bless


That is great to hear, Robyanne. That first step or two is very painful, but it does get easier as time goes on. I think that sometimes we need to experience a lot of pain in order to grow, or else we remained stunted and stuck in one spot. Glad to hear that things are getting more positive for you. :slight_smile:


wow! thanks for that burst of sunshine I got from reading your message.


Thanx for the response I really appreciate it. This forum has also been an inspiration to me and a big part of my healing process.

I know what it feels like to be so angry and disappointed. I even blamed God for what was happening in my life. Even not so long ago I said what now God am I not following the straight and narrow path why is this still happening. Guess what I got my answers. That everything happens in his time not our time his time. We want answers now and results now. That is not possible you need to go through alot before you get to where you are going. I have been knocked down so many times it is not funny. But I am still standing today. And it is because of God’s grace that I have survived without him I will be nothing. And I have given my heart and soul to him 101%. And now if any obsticle comes in my way I say God what now, what do you want me to do. And I get my answers.

There is no point in been miserable and unhappy. And allowing other people to control our lives and feelings. We are in control and having God in our lives we will never fail or go wrong. I was feeling so lonely and allowing that feeling and emotion to control my life. Then I said God I am so lonely why has this happened to me am I a bad person, did I do something wrong, did I drive my husband away. And my answer was why should I feel lonely if I have God in my life, he is my everything my friend, companion, shoulder to cry on. He has given us the necessary tools to work with “The Bible” if we can sit in a movie for 2 hours why can we not read the bible if we can spend money on clothes and entertainment. Why can we not take that money and buy a grocery hamper for somebody who does not have. It is the festive season now and people are spending money left, right and centre. With expensive presents when there are those who are so less fortunate.

We take so many things in life for granted. That we complain about our problems when there are people out there who have worse problems than we do. A classic example we have electricity and hot water running water. Some people do not have that luxury. Or been able to go out for dinner and a movie. All the things that we take for granted in life other people do not even have 1% of that. And everybody has a choice in life what they want and how they live their lives. Here in South Africa there is alot of poverty whereby some people live in Tin Shacks (a house made out of tin with a tin roof) there is no electricity or running water. So they use prima stoves (small gas stoves) to cook a simple meal.

We complain about this and that and in some cases we are so much better off than the next person. I am complaining about been lonely what about those people who have lost their families to HIV/AIDS and have nobody to look after them. Last week I went with the church to do Carols by candlelight at a hospital. This is not a private hospital but a hospital where people cannot afford health insurance. My heart broke into a thousand pieces but it also opened my eyes. Here am I complaining that my husband has left me for another women, they have a child together, that I was in a physical and emotional abusive relationship basically I was feeling sorry for myself and been the VICTIM. And here are people that are all alone and are sick and nobody comes to visit them in hospital or can even give them the time of day. And the little present that we gave them made them so happy and having a visitor made them happy and having somebody to pray for them made them so happy.

So STOP complaining and thank God for what you do have and be greatful that you have the things that you have. I am at this point in my life and that is why I thread said “Life does go on” don’t let it pass you by. Live it to the fullest and enjoy. And don’t let circumstances, issues, problems, financial problems control you. You are in charge.


you know, your post made me think back to the time my first marriage was over. your right. your absolutely right.i never thought of it that way. i did let them control my life even after the marriage was over because i harbored much bitterness towards my ex in laws. i had to sit back and think for a moment about what you said, and your telling the truth.

i let them control my thoughts and my emotions for years after the divorce. thanks for your info, it is truly good to have someone point that out to us. i got over the bitterness about 5 years ago. it was nice to let it go. i have a wonderful husband and i’ve never been happier than iam now.

thanks be to God, and thanks for friends like you. God bless you in your journey.


Thanks for your inspiration and encouragement.


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