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I’m thinking of trying a research peptide that purportedly extends lifespan and restores some of the vitality and appearance of youth. My question is this: Would using such a peptide in an attempt to extend lifespan and restore a more youthful appearance be sinful? I suppose it could be considered vanity, but my motives are mixed… I would like to make up to God a great deal of time lost to an illness that began in my youth, finish school, and start a family and career serving God. It’s strange, I both care and don’t care how others perceive me, but the idea of second chances is appealing, as is the idea of a more youthful appearance. Any thoughts?


What I can say: is to ask God to welcome all suffering and deprivation from your long illness, begun in childhood, in union with the suffering of Jesus and the sufferings of all united who are with Jesus, in prayer for the salvation of souls…you may therefore be instrument to more good than you know. Even Saint Therese of Lisieux said that the graces received in her life could also be the God-given blessing of the prayers of unknown persons. Your time isn’t wasted, and if you didn’t pray thus when you were younger, in retrospect offer the past to God, because time is not a barrier to Him.

As for the rest, if you try to improve your life in thanks for the gift of life you have been granted, may God use your strength to allow you to be instrument of prayer and service to others in this also.

I don’t know how guaranteed the results of the peptide, but I do know that I, and many others, try to eat healthily and to avoid unhealthy foods and practices, and that is good. One looks and feels healthier and there’s noting wrong with that, in fact is demonstrates a greater appreciation of the gift of self and life. If the diet is still insufficient for one’s individual needs, supplements can legitimately be taken. Wouldn’t the peptiide come under this heading? It might help, it might not, as supplements are sometimes what they claim, other times not.

The basic thing is however long or short your life, may God use you as instrument of prayer and kindness to others.

May God abundantly bless you and your Life. May His loving will fulfilled in your life!

Best wishes,


There is nothing a priori, sinful, about life extension; but don’t get your hopes up: hucksters have played on the deepest human longings for millenniums with nothing to show for it.



Yeah, this “peptide” cure sounds like snake oil to me!


Illness is not inferior, frailty is precious, I know. “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength”. “He gives me the wine to make my heart rejoice and the oil to make my face to shine”. It’s Him that can make us look radiant.

God knows the right time to call us.

It’s a question of primary purpose in my opinion.


There is nothing a priori precious about frailty, and physical life is its own reward, IMNAAHO.



I don’t see how this would be any different than my grandfather’s blood pressure pills that mean to extend and increase his quality of life.


Thanks, everyone, for your replies. The whole idea may be a moot point. So here’s another question. This peptide is patented by the original owner, from Russia. A company in the United States synthesizes it for “research purposes” and makes it available for purchase. So, my further question would be: By purchasing a patented chemical, and using it on myself, am I unjustly enriching a third party at the expense of the original patent holder?

Thanks again.


I should also add this: the peptide is not available to purchase (from the original patent holder) in the United States. You can only buy it as a research chemical.


This is sounding more and more like a new snake oil!


Even if he could sell it here, he’s most likely licensed it. As long as everything is legal, you are acting neither unjustly nor sinfully.


Thanks, everyone, for your responses. God Bless.


Regardless of the sin issue, it seems very inadvisable to consume a research peptide, or research chemicals of any kind. I highly recommend that you don’t do this just for your safety. Drugs must be thoroughly studied and tested before people should start using them, it could have unforeseen negative consequences.


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