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Our ultimate aim is eternal life in heaven with our saviour, Jesus Christ. Unfortunately only few details about the life in heaven are made known to us.As per 1 cor 2-9:“What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” – the things God has prepared for those who love him–
But still from the available information ,including Revelation it appears honestly that the life in heaven will be a bit boring and is not so exciting.When we are asked to spent our entire life here for the preparation of the life in heaven we should have been given sufficient clues and evidence to show that the life there is really several times more enjoyable in all aspects than the life here.This would have made good people to really abandon all the worldly pleasures very gladly knowing that in return more enjoyment is waiting for them.Also bad people will think twice before doing wrong things ,if they are sure that more and more exciting things they can get if they become good here.But the present picture of heaven is not so rosy as would really attract people or to consider that life here is nothing compared to the life in heaven.Some points:
(1)Though we will be with body there, it will be glorified bodies, not the real earthly bodies we had, for obvious reasons.Means all are beyond recognition; without any earthly feelings.Or is it that in the presence God these feelings or any feelings other than praising God (there is no other work there) becomes insignificant?
(2) May be no individuality also.All sitting( or standing or flying) ,no work,just praising God,no other feelings.Permanently…
The more one try to imagine that life,the more confusing, slightly frightening ,picture emerges…


The difficulty here is there is here present an overshadowing of some *wrong notions *of heaven of eternal life and the Resurrection etc…influenced by some notions from popular culture or mistaken imagination etc. Hence the difficulty…


(1) Our Earthly bodies will be made spiritual bodies. The matter that makes us up will be risen and made spiritual. I don’t mean that it will be made immaterial – it will still be matter, but it won’t have the physical limitations it’s subjected to now.

(2) I’m not sure the last image is 100% correct, but what do you find frightening about it?



1023 Those who die in God’s grace and friendship and are perfectly purified live for ever with Christ. They are like God for ever, for they “see him as he is,” face to face…

1024 This perfect life with the Most Holy Trinity - this communion of life and love with the Trinity, with the Virgin Mary, the angels and all the blessed - is called “heaven.” Heaven is the ultimate end and fulfillment of the deepest human longings, the state of supreme, definitive happiness.

1025 To live in heaven is “to be with Christ.” The elect live “in Christ,” but they retain, or rather find, their true identity, their own name.

For life is to be with Christ; where Christ is, there is life, there is the kingdom.

1029 In the glory of heaven the blessed continue joyfully to fulfill God’s will in relation to other men and to all creation. Already they reign with Christ; with him “they shall reign for ever and ever.”



“Consequently, it is fundamental for our faith and for our Christian witness to proclaim the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth as a real, historical event, attested by many authoritative witnesses. We assert this forcefully because, in our day too, there are plenty of people who seek to deny its historicity, reducing the Gospel narrative to a myth, to a “vision” of the Apostles, taking up and presenting old and already worn-out theories as new and scientific. For Jesus, of course, the Resurrection was not a simple return to his former life. Should this have been the case, in fact, it would have been something of the past: 2,000 years ago someone, such as, for example, Lazarus, was raised and returned to his former life. The Resurrection is placed in another dimension: it is the passage to a profoundly new dimension of life that also concerns us, that involves the entire human family, history and the universe. This event that introduced a new dimension of life, an opening of this world of ours to eternal life, changed the lives of the eye-witnesses as the Gospel accounts and the other New Testament writings demonstrate; it is a proclamation that entire generations of men and women down the centuries have accepted with faith and to which they have borne witness, often at the price of their blood, knowing that in this very way they were entering into this new dimension of life… This is the victory of Easter, our salvation! And therefore we can sing with St Augustine: “Christ’s Resurrection is our hope!”, because it introduces us into a new future.”

~ Pope Benedict XVI April 2009



New Heavens and New Earth (after the Resurrection):

1042 At the end of time, the Kingdom of God will come in its fullness. After the universal judgment, the righteous will reign for ever with Christ, glorified in body and soul. The universe itself will be renewed…

1044 In this new universe, the heavenly Jerusalem, God will have his dwelling among men.634 "He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain any more, for the former things have passed away."635

1047 The visible universe, then, is itself destined to be transformed, “so that the world itself, restored to its original state, facing no further obstacles, should be at the service of the just,” sharing their glorification in the risen Jesus Christ.640

Those are just a few pieces See much more


Not sure if this has already been answered, but every person will attain some degree of beatification or knowing of God in heaven depending on their state of life. So even if some go through purgatory or get their immediately, not all will receive the same reward. But everyone *will *know a happiness that is indescribable, and want for nothing but the penetrating love of God.


Life is heaven will be…


…even if I do not get there.


If you think it will be “a bit boring” in heaven then I guess you don’t want to go there. :shrug:
But remember this…it’s a lot worse in hell ! :eek:


What about the theory that we will again see or have knowledge of our loved ones in Heaven Is there any communication of one type or another with our deceased loved ones.? Why do we pray for them if they go directly to Chirist Can they be prayed to or asked to intercede for us.?


You need to stop thinking of Heaven as primarily what God can do for you. It’s not about you or what’s in it for you. Heaven is complete and uncensored union with God forever. It’s a relationship with God. You can’t think of Heaven as the place in which God gives you all these neat things to keep you busy for eternity. Instead of focusing on the gifts, we must forucs on the Giver. We must want Him for Him, even (especially) if we get nothing in return. That’s what true love is.

So God can’t simply show us the theme park adventure Heaven will be in order to “make bad people think twice.” and to make “good” people more willing to foresake wordly pleasures. That would be missing the entire point. God must be the object of our Love, not His gifts.

Consider how much He has done for us: the infinite unlimited creator of reality, God, Being Itself, has called us to life with Him because He loves us. He has poured out His life for us on the cross in order that we may have life in abundance. If we can realize the reality of that, then life with Him is the only gift that will do.


Life in Heaven will be extraordinary!

Take, for instance, the seers of Fatima. They were in an ecstasy when they saw our Blessed Mother, and that was only part of what Heaven is like. Jacinta and Francisco were not afraid to die when they were told that they would only be a bit more on the earth.

You can read about the saints who had a deep prayer life and were “out of it” when God brought them to a particular level of prayer. And, that was just a peek of Heaven.

Think of indescribable joy and “falling into God for all eternity”. (I forgot where I heard that phrase.) Trust the Lord! NEVER BORING!




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