Life in Ireland!

Day five of my overseas phone connection, Yesterday was a public holiday but the provider finally did reply to my email… Been off since Friday and I MISS MY FAMILY.

SO the man says that they have tried an failed to reach the number in Canada on three different phone services and do I have another number on the same island… TRY GOOGLE I said and yes I had tried that and no joy

Silence… I suspect there were no techs on over the weekend… Services in Ireland are always difficult …

It has deluged for 36 hours and the roads will be waterlogged so waiting to go out untli tomorrow.

Dark and drab and need food!1 Glad you are there this week… enjoy the day

Right now should be 9pm in Ireland. How did you fare today? I pray the skies have cleared for you. I’ve asked my patron saint, St. Brendan, to pray for you. He’s watched over me my entire life. :slight_smile:

Is it pouring in County Mayo too? That’s where our house and farm is.

Yep. deluges all over and now a gale… About to set out for Killarney for supplies so am hoping the roads are clear… I can eat anything but the cats and dog are fussier…

MAYO! I LOVE Mayo… am searching the daft ie pages there re a house. lived there my first six months in Ireland, spreading the search to offering caretaker service IF accommodation be private … Was near Ballina… Lots of wild places there too…

There are several empty houses in Dromore, Carnacon, and Burriscara.
A cottage owned by a dear friend is empty. Have your agent look up listings there.

Ah I do not have an agent. I use the daft .ie website on which many agents advertise… Problem is that I need a low rental; also many agents here never reply to enquiries…

Nothing rental in any of your names, and houses can lie empty years.

There will be more when the season is over and we have a terrible shortage of rental properties here. Leaving God in charge…

Dromore has 3 empty houses. For sure. One is the cottage of the late Mick Burke.
His son also built a home that has never been lived in! It’s empty, but I suspect the cottage is more what you are looking for.
I may PM you with the number of the real estate agent that rents our home and farm for us. He’s a nice man. And very “up” on properties.

try this:

Most of these properties have been empty for eons. They may rent just to get some income.
Good luck!

Thanks; I know Mayo Property but there is nothing on their web site about any rural properties… Interesting!

All contacts very gratefully accepted as of God.

email address better than phone just now!

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