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Very funny send-up of combox controversies by Fr James Martin, SJ (chaplain of the Colbert Report): What’s THAT supposed to mean?

I saw that the other day and LOVED it! It is (unfortunately) way too true!

LOLLOLOL!! :stuck_out_tongue:

So… what’s a combox?

A comment box. Its where individuals can leave comments to articles posted online. They can be pretty hairy, as anyone reading YouTube comments knows :o

Quoting Fr. Martin

Me: I love Jesus.

Father Martin, with all due respect, I don’t mean to be critical, particularly to a priest, but I am compelled to point out that in your most recent post, you didn’t say “Jesus Christ.” As you know, Christ, from the Greek word Christos, meaning the Anointed One (years ago, all Jesuits understood Greek, but perhaps no longer), is the nomenclature that Holy Mother Church uses to signify Our Lord’s divinity. Father, do you somehow not believe in the divinity of Our Blessed Lord? I am terrified to conclude that you are also denying the Resurrection here. Father, I will fervently pray that you are not dwelling in error, as I have feared for you since I read this post and reread the definition of “heresy” in a theology reference book that I always keep handy. I pray every evening for gravely misled people like you, Father, and I must say this: my conscience obliges me to correct your errors. Do you fear for your soul?

Wow! Does Fr. Martin visit CAF very often?


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Looks to me like he’s engaging in precisely the sort of hyperbole he is decrying, no?

I’ve been at CAF rather a while now and while I’ll surely admit that your get your share of extremists, I didn’t laugh because I couldn’t relate the way he seems to expect me too.

But then, I read his “My life with the Saints” (IIRC the title) book and perhaps my hackles are a bit up over his premature canonization of some individuals; Maybe I’m just an internet loon to be ignored and mocked…

OH THAT IS HILARIOUS…but, in all honesty? This happens to me by non-Catholics ALL THE TIME. They usually preface it with “I am sure you won’t allow this in your comments but…” which, of course, pretty much insures they will have their comment printed. I cannot resist. I print it because it is, usually, something so incredibly silly I figure it will be good for a laugh at the very least.

Because I moderate the comments, I am now accused of not allowing comments at all on my blog.

Don’t be silly - I just have to make sure no one uses too much offensive language or makes fun of either The Catholic Church or the Niners.

I mean, hey…I know what is important…:thumbsup:

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