Life in the Church


How do we share in the life of the Church?


By uniting oneself closely to Jesus through continual prayer and especially Holy Communion. In such humility and charity, one lives the life of the Church, the Christian life.


I agree with Eucharisted. We should do our best to love (but not worship) humanity, despite its many faults. We can do this by caring for the poor, comforting the sick/dying, and by spreading the Faith through example.


In the book, Summa Theologiae: A Concise Translation,
Edited by Timothy McDermott,
How would you relate your posts to the following two quotes?

Properly speaking, a man makes amends for an offence when he offers to the offended person something that person loves at least as much as he hated the offence. Christ, by suffering in a loving and obedient spirit, offered God more because of the greatness of his love and the dignity of his life (God’s life as well as man’s). Christ’s sufferings then were more than enough to make amends for the sins of mankind. “He is a propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but for those of the whole world.” Head and members make up a single mystical person, as it were, and so the amends made by Christ belong to all the faithful, his members.

Christ’s suffering is the proper cause of our deliverance from sin. First because it provokes love in us, and by love we obtain pardon for sin: “many sins shall be forgiven her because she has loved much.” Secondly,it ransoms us from sin, for Christ is our head, and his sufferings - endured in love and obedience - freed us, his members, from our sins, as though a man by performing some deserving deed with his hands ransomed himself from a sin he had committed with his feet… Thirdly, Christ’s sufferings are the instrument of our deliverance, because the flesh in which Christ endured his sufferings is God’s tool, so that his suffering and actions have God’s power in them to drive out sin.


Here are some other related quotes.

By baptism we are joined to Christ’s body as one of his members.

In baptism a man is incorporated into Christ’s suffering and death: “If we have shared death with Christ, we believe we shall share life with him.”

Now the suffering of Christ makes enough amends for all men’s sins.

(Water used in baptism) symbolizes Christ’s saving mysteries as well: when we submerge our heads in the water as in a tomb, the old man is buried and hidden below to rise renewed.

How do you “share death with Christ?”

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