Life is a mistery


Life is a mystery.
A french philosopher B.Pascal said: “Man infinitely surpasses man.” If we go deep in this thought we may understand that this meaning accompanies our daily existence. Our being human is really a mystery! The fact that we already exist is already a mystery. None of us asked to be born. If we came to this life and we “became” it’s because someone has thought of us, loved us and wanted us. We are not “here” for a mistake. We “are” because there is a reason.
Life can not be the result of an occasional chance.]We can say then that life is not beautiful or ugly but original.
The great thinkers of the past and present have given several comparisons about life affirming its beauty and its ugliness, its aspects with lucky or unlucky moments. Never life has been hated but accepted in all the limites.
Since humans started to live they have been sharing the famous and indeleble questions of existence: “who I am? From who i came? Why I suffer? What’s the reason of pain? Why I love? Why I die? How’s my future?
These “questions” are called “first questions” that lead us to the last answers.
We can be pessimistic in the face of life or optimistic. But as the greek philosopher Aristotle said : “living well is better than to live.” Yes Aristotele was so wise to say this. We must live and try to live well.
The secret of santity can be just in this principle: “ live exstraordinarely well your ordinary day life”.
Life is a gift that God gives to all of us(over the fact if we believe in Him or not.) It’s a miracle to amaze us every day and be able to read the fingerprints of God in history. Life is made for love! You can live without knowing why, but you can not live without knowing for whom. All of us can understand the mystery of our own life in the light of the mystery that we are. In this wonderful and inexplicable plot is the secret of life itself. We just have to simply accept ourself as a mystery. All of us feel inside infinite aspirations, but also we have the experience of our limits. We want to be happy but often can not. We want to be great, but we feel weak and fragile. Our rationality wants the truth, but it falls often into doubts, fears, anxieties . We want goodness, but recieve disappointment toward ourself and others. We want to live in freedom, but we can see how conditioned we are and trapped by the mentality of the time. We want to enjoy love, but feel unable to love and be loved. All life can be reduced to a paradox. When are we ourself??
God in his infinite mercy does not leave man to his paradox because He himself became man in his Son Jesus Christ to redeem our frail humanity, making us new men.
As people of faith lets pray together in order to never forget how big the mistery of our life is. It’s a mistery!! So we cant say all about it . Even after death life is not ended.


Even after death life is not ended.

If we could empirically know that, human life would be vastly changed.



If we Could have empiric evidence of life after death it wouldnt be a mistery any more. With our faith we can not stop our Mind on death ( conclusion of our terrestrial life) and live in eternity. Life is not taken away but Lives in the new dimension of God love.


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